LRD – Let You Go (Interlude) Lyrics

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LRD – Let You Go (Interlude) Lyrics

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Someday, maybe you'll feel
The way that I feel, it's alright
It's the wrong time
Girl I'll be just fine
Forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it
Forget all these fucking conversations
Back and forth in between your consideration
Whiplash from your indecision
Mind's crashed and my heart's splattered all over the ceiling
Playing games, crossing boundaries
Shoulda coulda wouldn't wanna be
With anyone else but you don't know yourself
You don't even know yourself, yourself
Remember that day we went down south in the new Lexus (I don't know)
And we took your baby girl down to La Jolla to touch the water (how to let go)
And when I dropped you off you had me kiss you before you left (of you)
And all those nights we spent smoking in my car
I only really enjoyed my high when I was around you (hope we never grow apart)
And now I'm supposed to forget everything that happened between us
And just.. let you go

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