Chaps the MC – Leaded Lyrics

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Chaps the MC – Leaded Lyrics

Chaps the MC

[Here engineers are studying exhaust condensates that indicate the effects of tetraethyl lead]

Rome fell to hell when the leaded aqueducts
Poisoned the people, venenum populus
Heavy metals made them mental with a gentle precision
'Til they aeriated Caesar with a set of incisions
And now come the boomers who burst on the scene
These moonflower children of tetra ethylene
Inhaled and deposited within the gray matter
Making everyone rash, making everyone madder
These mad hatters, done dirty by fate
Backdoor poisoned in the Mercury V-8
Lies and a trojan horse sporting whitewalls
Don't believe the information coming from your eyeballs
Our studies say it might not be the petrol
Doctor Bobby Kehoe out here lyin' to the Federal
But hesitant? Hit up the hospital
And prepare to get jacked, cause healthcare is profitable

[Engineers study these things in the laboratory]

Diet Aqua Tofana - now with aspartame
You don't have to quaff it, just parse the name
These metals don't settle but they muddle the brain
You look at the Q cult and tell me that's sane
And fair play to this day some'll say I remain
Headed for the dreaded unleaded refrain
But I brush the haters off with minimal derision
Like Wanda Maximoff I'mma show you my Vision
Precision. Within the words and phrases that I spin
I can't let that cursed monkey paw finger curl in again
Like it did when I fought for filibusters in '08
Or when the free frozen yogurt's found to feature benzoate
This is our fate, and a live look at our near future
Cali didn't ban that shit 'til nineteen ninety-two, sir
Are you sure as you swerve into the drive through for soft serve
That [someone]'s always watching you? [someone] will observe
Their bad behavior? Caveat Empetor your neighbor?
Poison the communal well then rapture's what you pray for
I say lord, shield me from consequences
The grifters on TV told me I should build walls and fences
Defend this: slander targets of obsession
Objections are projection to prophets of this profession
Holding Bibles, wrapped in flags, Upton Sinclair's lesson:
Hit 'em in the stomach 'til them Fascists start confessing

[Fill up wherever you see this famous Ethyl emblem. There's a powerful difference!]
[Fill up wherever you see this famous Ethyl emblem. There's a powerful difference!]

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