“I Stand On That” Lyrics

“I Stand On That” Lyrics

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E-40 Lyrics

“I Stand On That”
(feat. Joyner Lucas & T.I.)

[Joyner Lucas:]
Ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ya), ayy (Ya), ayy (Ya), look (Look)

This that shit that made me ball out on my old bitch, ooh (Ooh)
Yeah, I’m chosen
I ain’t felt this sick since Covid, ooh (Ooh)
Can’t control it
I got lit and now I’m zonin’, ayy (Ayy)
This my moment
I don’t trust the ho I’m bonin’, woo (Woo)
Maury Povich
I made a change, I had to be different
I hate when I’m stuck on the edge (Word)
I ain’t got time to argue with niggas
I’d rather get money instead (Joyner)
Word to my folks, we used to be close
So now I’m just stuck in my head (Yeah)
I wanted a rose, but I like to ghost
If I’m makin’ love to the dead (Love to the dead)
(Lit, lit, lit, lit, lit)
I gotta step to the podium (Woo)
I’m runnin’ shit like Napoleon (Hey)
My niggas smokin’ petroleum (Bow)
Back when a nigga had no DM’s
I had to clean with the other custodians
Nobody fucked with me, nobody noticed him
Now I’m that nigga that salt to your sodium
Bitch, I’m the bomb, I lit the plutonium
Feet on the ground, I’m breakin’ linoleum
This is revenge and all of you owe me one
Shorty my bitch, but she ain’t the only one
Yeah, I’m a god, I know I’m the holy one
I do not smoke, but you gotta roll me one
You gotta, you gotta roll me one
She got a twin and I need the both of them (Both of them)
Streets can’t help me (Ayy, ayy)
We not friends, so please don’t “bro” me
Bitch, come blow me (Bitch, come blow me)
Pull up my mamba, R.I.P. Kobe
That’s my OG (That’s my OG)
Still no Grammy, but I got trophies
Then I went OT (Then I went OT)
She text me lowkey, water emoji
Feelin’ myself, like, “Look what I built”
Like, “Look at my wealth,” I did what I felt
I bet on my myself, reinvented myself
All the plaques I got won’t fit on my shelf
I’m sick of myself, jumped out of my skin
Hopped into my shell, I’m feeling quite well
You ain’t been in my prison, won’t fit in my cell
Won’t fit in my pants, don’t look at my belt

I mean what I say and I say what I meant, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I’ll build my own empire to give to my kids, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I try to do everything with ’em that I never did, my nigga
(I stand on that)
I went through the storm, but I made a way, so I’ll be alright
(I stand on that)
If you never crossed me or did me wrong, I got you for life
(I stand on that)
I built a team of sharks and all of them niggas’ll bite
(I stand on that)
If you got a enemy, I got a enemy, get ’em on sight (Sight)

(Play with my, play with my)
Play with my feelings and you gon’ catch feelings, your people gon’ feel it
I ran with the villains, was wheelin’ and dealin’
I’m worth a few million, I’m chasing a billion
I’m up like a ceiling, I’m really a real
A badger, a beast from the soil, and you can get popped like a boil
Bitch boy, you gon’ leak like some oil
Walk up on me and I’m dumpin’
As long as I can see it coming, it’s on
And if I run out of ammo, I’m runnin’, I’m gone
Even though I’m an animal, long as I done made it home
Got a family to feed and I’m grown
And good Lord made me strong, highly-favored and chosen
My heart made of stone, I guess you can say frozen
So leave me alone, I’m unbroken, outspoken
I stand by my word ’cause it’s golden
Out here in the Pacific Ocean, West Coastin’
Don’t let a ho make us enemies (Enemies)
We’re family just like the Genovese (Genovese)
Stick to the script, we don’t do sucka shit
And we deep like a herd of them wildebeests (Wildebeests)
Trademarks and entities, no, I ain’t sellin’ keys
Look like I push dope, but I really push hope
Dressed like a boss, but I rap like I’m broke
You off of parole, then make sure that you vote
My ninja, you’re not alone
Might pose for the ‘gram with my money phone
Turn my bands to a fan like I’m hella young
Take a picture with money all down my arm
Just to show we the same, although I’m reformed
Diamonds yellow like kettle corn
I never drive her, but trust me, I got a foreign
Fuck politics and democracy
Let’s put our money together, buy property

I came in the game with a prayer and a wish and a dream
(I stand on that)
Vow to take care of my kids and my family and queen
(I stand on that)
This game that I’m spittin’ is over they head like a drone
(I stand on that)
If we rockin’, we rock it, I rock with you, right or you wrong
(I stand on that)
This a resurgence on thorough ones, gotta stay solid as steel
(I stand on that)
Can’t be an imposter or fraud or fake or a counterfeit
(I stand on that)
Some of my dudes got jobs and some of ’em sell narcotics
(I stand on that)
I’m an entrepreneur, I develop my own products (Products)

(King of the, king of the)
King of the South, a trap music original
Former pharmacist, been back on medicinal
Lay down the law and I’m standin’ on principles
Consequence come with it, make it intentional
Highly a visual, hard to ignore me
I grew up on game from Too $hort and E-40
A triple OG and just ’bout to be forty
Still, run up on me, we’ll be poppin’ these 40s
We not goin’ for it (Woo, y’all niggas, y’all niggas)
I know you can’t see the trees for the forest
Let the allure, money, and whores
Take you to a place where your ass’ll get torn
Okay, now you’ve been warned (Woo, woo)
Only one more suggestion before we move on
Pray to the Lord that you can afford
What it gon’ cost you for you to move forward in life
Facin’ the work, a scenario without a plan
End up dead just rollin’ the dice
Hmm, kinda how I do it nowadays
Who the fuck ready to die?
Been fucking on your bitch all day, huh
She don’t wanna wave me bye
Okay, I-N-G, and ballas obey all the sovereignty
I’m probably in a fly boutique with a low-key freak try-tryin’ new things (King)
They say things, I do things, I buy buildings, they buy new bling
Make your bitch my boo-thing
Got a problem with it? Let my youngin run through things
Stand up guy must stand for something
Cross that line, nigga, I know one thing

Violation mean demonstration, mandatory
(I stand on that)
I’ma go in your shit, you in my face talking shit ’bout my dawg
(I stand on that)
Defend her honor and my old lady, my mama
(I stand on that)
Man of my word, handle my business, nigga, I promise
(I stand on that)
I ain’t never folded, ain’t never told on no nigga
(I stand on that)
Due to the fact that’s how I feel, run a fade if ya feel different
(I stand on that)
Yeah, I’m a nine-figure nigga, ride with a stick still
(I stand on that)
‘Cause doing time still doing better than getting killed
(I stand on that), yeah


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“I Stand On That”

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