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Jack Harlow Lyrics


Hey big head
I’m locked in tryna’ make this bread
I can’t keep on giving you time
I got cash to make instead
She wanna fuck me one on one
We might run that train instead
Me and my friend just like twins
Same nutsack and the same dick head

Seen that bitch and we ain’t impressed
Thick brunette and she came from Lex
Phone got bugs and they ain’t insects
Feds tuned in when I send my texts
Ain’t nobody worried about if I’m next

‘Cause they know I’m next

I thank god I know I’m blessed
I recall when you threw shade
I can let that shit go I guess
I’m locked in had to go out less
Everybody act like they know best

Her boyfriend ain’t fresh
Look like someone I’m gon’ outdress
She’s so wet had to hold my breath
Ain’t hit since she know I’m pressed

Show my chest let me flex bitch
In the flesh got connects down in Texas
Pussy juice side of eggs
That’s my breakfast
Suga momma 56 off of Craigslist
Can we have a threesome with your fucking best friend?
I ain’t talking Florida when I say I’m destined
She ain’t know my money taller than a Westin

Hotel got your bitches checked in
Ex chick salty just like Chex Mix
Cop a plane ticket for my new chick once the check hits
I come from a city that is very much eclectic
But it’s got another side to it that gets hectic
Shorty that I mess with got a friend that’s a detective
She gon’ run surveillance just to find out who I slept with
All my jewelry gifted
Just like me ain’t bought a necklace
I’m not young and reckless
Bitch I’m cool calm and collected

I’m the one that she texting
Lightskin from DC like the redskins
These rappers falling off just like dead skin
I set trends, next up no question


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