Zabo Fiji – HeartThrob Zab (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Zabo Fiji – HeartThrob Zab (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Zabo Fiji

Imma tell you why they call me HeartThrob Zab
Heh this shit can go one way or another if you think about it
Let's ride

This beat hit hard in the headphones
Straight off the dome with it
Straight off the dome with it


I'm just running from my past mistakes she saying that she hates me cuz I cause her Pain Why we live this way
She just wanna f*ck me man nah she just wanna f*ck and see other men it's so crazy Wow I never wanted to let you down now I only tried to cherish this woman wow
What kind of life was I really living hypnotized now I finally see right between her eyes Wait it was just her thighs

I just cannot get it tho every time I get so stressed it really hurts my soul I love it tho but I Had to lose it go get a grip of myself cause I was losing control I been on the road

I done really made some trips I know she was fuckin round so I ain't trip I mean I had Hoes around from different strips different chicks ,different whips I done seen so many Ceilings when I'm laying on my back at night
It wasn't yours tho I don't know what I'm going through I be trippin tho when that weed Get in my system I be really gone yeah I mean really gone faded off a 4 gram joint I don't Buy 3.5's baby girl what's the point when I get it man I got it I might blow it by the O


Imma make her scream oh
She don't even know red lights slow she can't let me go suck it down slow don't tell me That you know cause I know you really don't you been tryna live this life but

Baby it won't work for you I've been in the streets so long I can't even leave that shit Paved my name up in the bricks now I'm really with the shits I've been here since the Jet's I've been here since a jit

You ain't really fuckin with how I'm really fuckin shit up now

I can make you scream wow"

This nigga acting different he must be hella bent again with some bitches from the strip Again she ain't even know that tonguing down her closet friend
I done said some sav shit I'm back in my bag shit she say that I'm different now
I say stop playing round

I just got some different drip I done found a different chick now I'm on some different shit

Told her she can kiss my oooh
Ahh Ahh

I can never get enough of it she call me on my phone best believe I'm picking up the shit
What's the point tho?
I'm acting different tho
I can't do this shit no more

I ain't tryna get caught up why is it always my past that gets brought up in some shit that I told her about but she ain't wanna talk about her past tho now she calling me a asshole Talking bout me and my last hoe


But I'm in my bag tho
You wasn't saying that when you wanted Money, Food, Weed anything I got that you Needed
Best believe I was there for you but you didn't need it shit you a underachiever I'm a Fuckin' believer

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