Xhulooo – Bucked Up 3 Lyrics

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Xhulooo – Bucked Up 3 Lyrics


This that Bucked Up 3
Better cop that feat, boy it ain't free,
Need a 'Yoncé like Jay
But I need a billion like Jay-Z
I'm in the cut, with lil Dorian
And we going crazy,
You be simpin' over that lil girl, but she just like me
Yuh, she don't like you, huh she just like me
Hit that boy with the fye, then I tell 'em GG
They say "Xhulooo, you so fire when you hop up on the beat"
I'm so cold like Ron, and my wrist on Frosty
And, yes I said Frosty, but I'm not talkin' Wendy's
And I still keep that .45 like Mike Jordan's jersey
Water on my neck and wrist, you can call me Percy
Never read a book of his, I'ma just really assume he control the sea
Walk around like that dude, call me Comethazine
All Louis drip, every fit I got, I swear is clean
He came in my DM money-less, had to leave him on seen
Everybody and they momma lookin' at me in my True-y jeans
And the beat by Mino
Need help with a jugg, go hit up Sino
I'm so childish, Gambino
And you know I ain't slime, man shout out Sito
They say I'm smooth, like Gio
He say he got beef with me, what he know?
I need a Benz, huh, Zino
I need the cheese, huh, Gino's
Yeah, this that Bucked Up 3, aye, ooh
Shout out my momma, my OG, aye, ooh
This that Bucked Up 3, aye
He talkin' down, but he don't know me
Aye, ooh, ooh, Up 3, aye, ooh
Yuh, this that Bucked Up 3
I'm going off these Sprites, and I'm going off the dome
Bucked Up 3, wanna be like me, aye, ooh, hey, hey, hey, hey
Huh, whew!

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