“What’s Wrong” Lyrics

“What’s Wrong” Lyrics

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“What’s Wrong”

You know what they gon’ say
When the world turn they back on you, turn your back on the world
I been living like that for so long

She said what’s wrong with you? (Yeah)
Tell me why you acting so tough? (Woah)
Tell me why you so scared to show love?
Too many scars on my heart, this ain’t no bluff
In the city I’ma slide where I growed up
Young niggas cutthroat give no fucks (Grrah)
I’m gon’ say what I said, but so what? They know that I ain’t mean it
Do what you gotta do but just don’t leave me
Then again, beat it, don’t give a fuck
‘Member 2017 with evictions on the door
I was all on my own, still tryna get it up
Just finished school, shed tears in the dark
That’s when life hit me hard but I couldn’t give it up
I had just quit my job, on the block, me and Brock
Got a Glock in my pants (RellyMade), I’m ready to set it off
Fast forward, I got a Benz, I’m ready to live it up
There’s way more to it (Yeah)
I don’t know how to love, I don’t know who to trust, and I swear this shit so confusing
All the smiling faces, why you so happy? Tell me what the fuck so amusing
Everybody mad they can’t reach Nuni
You had my love but why you ain’t use it?
And I been trying to control my temper (Yeah)
It’s hard loving a nigga like me (Like me)
Said I’d be gone ’til November
I won’t gotta come back when we leave
It all could be so simple, put my heart back on my sleeve (Yeah)
Keep asking me why I’m so angry? (Yeah)
Try to tell her that’s how she made me

They turned they back on me, it left me scarred (Oh-oh)
I turned my back on them to save my heart
Going against what I was taught (Yeah) got me scared for my life (Yeah)
But if loving you is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right (I’m)
Breaking all the rules tonight (Yeah, yeah), breaking all the rules (Yeah)
I’m breaking (Yeah) all the rules, yeah (Yeah)
Uh (RellyMade), I’m breaking all the rules (Yeah)
I’m breaking all the rules
I’m breaking all the rules tonight
Yeah (Yeah)

(Breaking all the rules, yeah)
Mm (Mm)
Mm (Mm)
Mm (Mm)
(Oh, yeah, yeah)
(Oh, yeah, yeah)
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Yeah (Uh-uh)
(I said, yeah, look what they made me do)


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“What’s Wrong”

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