“Unbelievable (Freestyle)” Lyrics

“Unbelievable (Freestyle)” Lyrics

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Juice WRLD Lyrics

“Unbelievable (Freestyle)”

Yeah, let’s do it, oof, got a lil’ more bounce to it, don’t it?
Uhh uhh, I’ve been going through a lot as of lately
You can call me crazy
Bitches wanna play me
Really I got blueprints
Feelin’ like I’m JAY-Z
My flow in the morning, Westwood no Sway B
That’s just how it is, boy
My flow so brazy, my flow so cool
My flow so outdated, so old school
But then nigga switch it up to something so new
These niggas walking around like they bulletproof
‘Til the bullets shoot, leave the bullets through his sunroof
Kill his son too
Give a fuck, ohh, give a fuck
Nah, not what I do
I’m the type to pull up on your youth group
With a choppa and a machete, that’s fuckin’ useful
Matter of fact, here it go
I ain’t the same nigga I was a year ago
I feel like Jesus in the studio
I’m spittin’ miracles, I’m in that white whip
What you call that shit? A miracle
Fuck yo bitch from the back singing negro spirituals
Got a seal, like fate, like a fuckin’ envelope
I ain’t dope, I’m anti-dope, word to Travis
You run up, that’s okay, you gettin’ played like Lenny Kravitz
I never had a father, like I said I’m such a bastard
You run up, uh cool, I’ma let your brain splatter
The bullet rim rattle
I feel like Shaquille in the fourth
Break backboards
How I break her back when I hit it from the back, boy
I’m up to bat, boy, it’s out the park like Barry Bonds
You best believe that boy (huh)
I spit crack boy
I spit anything they want
I sell it and make it right back boy
You run up on me you get smacked, boy
You get smacked like a bitch and a pimp running laps boy
I’m running shit like gym class on your bitch ass
Leave you leaking like maxi pads, grab a Tampax
I pull up on ’em with two guns, they attached
Knocked ’em out, ping ping ping, boxing match (uh)
But my flow is unmatched, my flow is outmatched
My flow is so hard, your flow is wack
My flow is so crack, your flow is so mid
My flow is so kill, your flow is so eeeh
I don’t got time for it
Suck on my dick, tell your bitch to come over and swallow my kids
Choppa’ on my hip I had to hollow my tips
Hallowed be thy name, pray to catch his ass slippin’
Pull up on his ass leave him leakin’ I get ’em
Walkin’ with a limp .40 heavy like I’m pimpin’
Matter fact I have ’em dancin’ when I shoot it crippin’
Niggas talkin’ stupid ’til that nigga end up missin’
UFC when I fight ’em I put ’em submission
Hand on a Smith and, I’ma go and get ’em
Stevie Wonder with it, still got 20/20 vision
You can’t fuck with me (uh) you can’t fuck with me (huh)
I’m like a bad STD bitch you stuck with me (huh)
.40 on my hip I up it on me luckily (huh)
Rushin’ hours, like I said got Chrissie Tuck with me (aye)
Couple niggas that’s bound to not give a fuck with me (huh)
Just in case these other niggas try fuck with me (uh)
Kept my wits about me luckily, you know I’m smart (uh)
I’ve been flying through the air I feel like Bonaparte (uh)
Keep two bitches in my circle like I’m Noah’s Arc (uh)
Fuck with me I up that choppa’ tear your bones apart (uh)
Felt my grove on this track now I’m goin’ (huh)
In too deep with this rap shit the ocean (uh)
I’m a flow of the purple, the potion (uh)
I’ma catch me a op in the open (uh)
I make this shit look easy while you strugglin’
I’m ballin’ triple doublin’ while you doublin’
I exposed like shrooms get it? I be truffilin’
It’s Terry Crews with this shit you know I’m musclin’
Watchin’ Regular Show laughin’ at Muscle Man
Chip on my shoulder it’s lookin’ like a Pringles can
Desert Eagle on my hip, I’m not a Eagles fan
You know I’m from Chicago they my people man (yeah)
Try me if you wanna
I’ll smoke you like a backwood full of marijuana
Matter fact you run up on me you don’t want no drama
I’ma leave you scratched like a DJ after DJ Drama touched it
I don’t give a fuck, I’m on my fucked shit
I’m killin’ niggas like they on my bucket list
I turn my bucket list into a fuckin’ fuck it list
So when I kill I walk away like fuck it, shit
I be on my fuck it shit
Matter fact me and G-Money hittin’ the dealership
Pullin’ up in the Chrysler like John Dillinger
Rich as fuck like, “Damn, is you drug dealin’ bitch?”
Nah, I’m rappin, used to be trappin’
Niggas was actin’
Cops hit the door I hid the coke in the napkin
I was shootin’ craps takin’ money
Takin’ craps on all these niggas takin’ naps on me
They was sleepin’
Westwood they was sleepin’
Couldn’t believe ’em
Now I’m the type to beat the beat up ’til it’s bleedin’
Choke it out ’til the mutha’ fuckers barely breathin’
They ain’t know a rockstar could rap like this
I’ma MC off the High-Tech mixed with High-C
You don’t want that
Shoot you in your stomach that shit hard to digest
Make a art project out the projects
Shoot you in your eyes put the shit in prospect
Lookin’ at your mindset, I’m beyond that
I’m beyond that
I like this beat
This beat like me
I check this beat
This beat Nike
These shoes on my feet
These shits pricey
Like thirteen hunnid (huh)
You know I run it
I pull up in Hummers
You know I roll with them gunners
I feel like Birdman stunner (uh)
You don’t want no problems
I give you cancer with this bullet
You can catch this trauma (uh)
Man I know you heard the rumours
Niggas beefin’ all over computers
Until I catch ’em lackin’ in my city
Beat him in his head until he catch a tumour
Tell his momma that I did it, she confused
“Why my baby all over the fuckin’ news?”
“What the fuck my baby went and fuckin’ did?”
He prolly’ went and fucked with Juice The Kid
Thats my old name, now it’s Juice WRLD
Went to a different planet
Now I’m up in two worlds
Fuck that shit I’m up in two girls
Diamonds and pearls, I’m ruling the world
Revenge on my body bitch cause thats my state of mind
Stevie Wonder like I said before cause I’ma rob you blind
I got all these answers that these niggas search to find
And they bitches kinda bad I’ma have to get behind
Hit it from the back until I fuckin’ break her spine
After that I may just have to go and take whats mine
Yeah yeah turn on that Mob Deep shit


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“Unbelievable (Freestyle)”

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