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TRICITO – Velvet Durags Lyrics

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TRICITO – Velvet Durags Lyrics


Feeling like new money man
LF 'til the death bed nigga
I don't know why a nigga would go against us man
Getting scary out here
Bad guys wear the cool clothes
And we get the cool hoes

Playaa, as I'm recording this
Diesel is the trees, them orange hairs is the ornaments (Unh)
Yeah we hear you dissing but obviously I ignore it
In the morning, I wake up Mary Jane is cooking my nourishment
You niggas bums and looking real poor again
It's important (Yeah) you catch every single gem I'm reporting in these recordings 
(Gems nigga)
Don't worry about the score just stay focused on getting yours
They say the benefits will pay if you loyal, oh good gracious
I'm an angel these women chase me so fucking impatiently (Unh)
Proud of my small wins but ain't no place for complacency
I'm Playaa, this lounge music (Yeah) baby roll us one
And my voice sound it don't it soothing?  
All dogs to go Heaven and my niggas? Them hounds ruthless
Used to sleep in the car I praise the Lord now I'm not roofless (Thank you God)
All these women choosing us 'cause we be them high rollers (Yeah)
Bipolar, high smoking niggas, yes God chose us, I sweep my opponents
Ain't nobody coming too see you, take a seat now Otis
Damn I'm so crazy with the flow it sound like I freestyle on it (Yeah nigga)
If the CEO's a snake, y'all rodents and looking back
Man we grew up around some niggas that was not our homies
We was showing love for free, unfortunately now you owe us (Pay up man)
I always see through the motives, these niggas plugged with connections
But as you see they below us, why would I follow a peasant?
We dress different, I wear turtlenecks, my durags is velvet! (Talk to 'em)
That's real gold in my necklace, I'm very subtle with flexing
My only problem is the hoes, here go one of them texting me
Said will I ever get chose? (No) We getting old and it's stressful
You known for saving the hoes, the villain shows he finesses
To hang with you I gotta be into a certain energy (Yeah)
Shoutout my niggas LF, 3 and A Certain Energy
I gotta smoke a blunt before I go and hurt my enemies
They wanna play against the pros but still can't win the little league (Yeah)
Who they kidding? Better check yourself, really I could kill you
You the prey and I been praying for a million, not a deal
And my health, rappers you look right and left is getting killed
Or they kill themselves, God you see we need Your help
That's really all it is (Yeah)

Playaa nigga, you know how I get down boy
(Too cold with it) 260 shit, always nigga
IAMRAP, I am that nigga, yeah
Kritical this shit slap nigga

And my durags cost $40 nigga (Haha)

You understand what I'm saying? (Yes sir)
I still remember that nigga, when I was growing
That was my motivation, you understand what I'm saying? (Yes sir)
You gotta find something that- man I'm telling you I remember, I can tell you that story Like it was, crystal clear Right now- they
I got white people I'm sitting down, they picking through my hair man
I'm little black boy, they picking through my hair
Ain't no lice, you know lice is bad that means you dirty (Yeah)
You know how they say about black people (Uh huh)
Man ain't no lice in my house
We might have roaches, but we ain't got no lice, okay?

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