Svlace – 1v1 Lyrics

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Svlace – 1v1 Lyrics


Hey, this is your conscience speaking
Please slow down cause if you don't, you'll fall to weakness
Not in the right headspace, get your mind right
Dragging along throughout the day, but wide awake at night time
Got too busy chasing temporary highs
Since I missed out on a lot, I wanted to make up for the time
Stopped living like a pussy, treating life like I got nine
Till I noticed all the signs, I was throwing out my life
Went from zero to one hundred, when I was only in need of moderation
On vacation, I'd rather work, my mind races if I'm stationed
Still tryna figure out why I'm such a spazz
Just relax
Palpitating like my mind when I'm off track

Tears rushing to the surface
Took control, but still feel like I'm swerving
Stuck in my head, I'm not fearing all the serpents
They may want me dead, but I'm not feeling like I'm worthless
Just exhausted
Need some head for my conscience
Gimmie knowledge for Solace, top my noggin till I'm unconscious
Need the ease from the clarity
The keys are my therapy
I'm talking music, Pusha T over piano keys
You are not the threat, yeah, its me verse myself
Look back in retrospect, never needed your help
Overly ambitious, tryna get to my objectives
But I should do it in a way that isn't reckless

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