Slightly – Come Awake Lyrics

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Slightly – Come Awake Lyrics


Sweat it out, kid, sweat it out
Let out every ounce of every broken thought you've bundled up in the deepest vacance of your heart 
It'll hurt, kid, know it will

It'll hurt, kid, know it will
And when your bad blood finds its way to the floor
It will become a viper and you will have to fight it and crush it before it slithers its way and readies its fangs 
For your family and friends and yet unborn kids
You'll gather up fire and love and mold them into weapons
To keep hope awake and keep the nothing at bay
Aim for the head, kid, aim for the head

Aim for the head, kid, aim for the head
Be sure to shake off all the chains for spider webs spun all around while you were sleeping
Link by link assembled in the darkness of the night
But your skin felt fire and it burns like heaven
And no witch could ever convince you that her dank little cave is truer
Than the sunshine and new soil
And the lion who touched you and burned you to gold

Come awake
Come awake 
Come awake and smile

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