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Besides the point, you don't know the situation
Everything you said you was really really fakin'
Say it to my face are you so fuckin' scared?
Let me just make it really really clear
Don't wanna be with me?
Then go f*ck yourself
We was so fine but I didn't need your help
I'm so hurt but you didn't know I was demonic
Let me rush at you what I'm fucking launchin'
No vocals I don't need it now
If I were to use them I would shout it out!
I won't, you thought this was a song
Yeah you did, well you're wrong
It's a real podcast that you're watchin'
Like the sun is going down and the moon is fallin'
Don't like my program?
Then you shouldn't install it
I'm still hurt so let me continue falling
I'm down for this goddamn mission
I have a life I have to complete it
Don't tell me what to do or to compete it
Make me saying weak words, stay wrong and let me see it
Hell, I won't back down this time!
If you see me irritated it means I'm not fine
Heard me right, I'm depressed and it's already shinin'
Can't hear me crying but now I'm dyin'
Now, let me just explain
If I hear a peep from you, don't complain
I'm a ghost and that's a shame
I'm gonna haunt you and haunt your fame!
And that's a game
Do you get me right, is this a fight?
I heard you threatening me and now your uptight?
Putting the pressure on me then betrayin' me?
Broke my heart, being broken, and slayin' me?
I'm not that kind of person that would give second chances
Sending nudes like that won't get me to understand you
I'm black, and it's complicated for life to hit us
I'm not offended, I just don't understand it
I'm hurt!
It's the last time
The fact that 2020 the worst year of my life
It's just makin' me die inside of my heart
Like just why, is this a crime?
We're makin' it count
Without the violence and the shitty silence!
But what about the life or death in the island?
It just hurts
It just hurts
It just hurts

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