Sauce Is Matisse – Melody Lyrics

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Sauce Is Matisse – Melody Lyrics

Sauce Is Matisse

Her name's Melody 
And her selfish hell is what envelops me in sweltering heat and melts me 
But She helps me... though we seldom speak, from what she's telling me 
I fell beneath what she had felt for me 
But she's calling Matisse, teasing and taunting, a freak 
Breathing oxygen, weak, demons haunting my sleep 
Believe...that she is all that I need 
I can be calm and be free within these songs that I speak, through her 

I recommend a 1-night stand 
I know we're just friends, but you're my kind of man 
Just for tonight 

She's a 2-faced bitch who you ain't safe with 
Dude you could make mint with the money we've spent 
And the time we invested, our lives' peace ends 
When we try to keep on clinging to the wife leech, listen 
Get this: it isn't my profession 
She's more like my obsession I regret I ever let in 
But forget it...I'm hopeless floating off in her set list 
I'm open to repentance, hoping notes and meds'll mend this 
Love/hate relationship, I love her but I hate the bitch 
Patience is the game and I'm insanely bent on making hits 
I'm telling me to hell with me but Melody's a make or miss 
Hey there ain't no shame in this, I'm saying shit in painful licks 
Cuz she keeps calling and keeps hanging up, wut 
And she keeps stalling and keeps faking stuck, mud 
Now I'm p'd off and my beats had enough, f*ck 
I'm bout to leave up outta here and leave this slut dumped 

I'm painting pictures with my lyricism, Melody's my model 
I Got my own Mona Lisa smiling in what I wrote 
But I know, that she's about to pop another bottle 
With another fucking star while I'm walking home in sorrow 
This one night stand is a moonwalk away 
From a tongue tied man and a true walk of shame 
She's my Melody, Melody, I've melted to a shell of me 
Hollow as I wallow in this sorrow, music, hell, and peace

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