S.A.S – IDK! (Freestyle) [feat. Lluxx] Lyrics

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S.A.S – IDK! (Freestyle) [feat. Lluxx] Lyrics

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Four Four Four
SAS and the LLUXX
Yeah word
Yo super Saiyan for the free power up
I'm bout to be like niggas on the T cuz
I'm really not bout to die tho
I'm bout to go and get the Kai do
Bout ta be a sensei lil nigga
Lil boy sit down I'm bout ta go destroy cuz you know I'm Roy
I'm playing super smash tho, I'm, bout to go and smash ya hoe cuz
I'm the best next thing everybody know I'm bout to be stop texting
I'm not for the 2020 flow bout ta get this up oh, you a hoe you a hoe aye
Let's wait today I'm bout ta get the flip for the money
Bout ta get a coin I'm not a honey
I just need a f*ck all them honeys in the groupie
They wanna see me for the graph too
Please stop let's stop right here for the money
Let's stop right here for the money
It's SAS bout ta cash out on a check
Spend it on my bitch because she deserve it she's a rich white bitch
She doing tricks on my dick
Like what the f*ck
What the f*ck
What the f*ck
F*ck it up You hear that somebody shooting nigga duck
Aiming at your brain super Saiyan
Going Crazy for some fucking brain
If a nigga run up stab him in his gut
Bury him alive
Show em how them niggas died
World war 3 in this bitch
I'm bout to start shooting shit
I'm too lit snitches get stitches
While I'm getting the riches
Fucking all these bitches
I'm so fucking angry
I could eat your whole life
Pussy and gravy say goodnight
Won't even break a sweat
I'm too nice at this shit
Kill a nigga at dark with a vest and a strap
Ima shoot em directly in his head
Put 'em to sleep
Put 'em to bed
Shoot em in his head
In his head
That too violent
You need to stop it
You'll start a riot
Will you fight it?
I don't know
I'm just a guy dialing 911 on his phone
Um hello I would like to report a man murdering everyone in the vicinity that I'm in
Um I don't know?

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