Revonoc – Return Of The Pimp Lyrics

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Revonoc – Return Of The Pimp Lyrics

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Comin' in hot as a bitch
See a sucker take a lick mother fucker
Straight off the rip, I'm finna make it quick
It's the return of the mother fucking pimp
She gettin' naughty bout to give her all this dick
Tuggin' on my 501s baby make me come undone
I be goin' hard as ever (Ever)
This could of been you but I done pulled the lever (Lever)
She keep giving me dome call it keepin' me clever
Show off my cocky skills till' I can't deal
Hit this dope till' I can't feel
Draco said he did it first you stupid for believing that get silly (Stupid)
Milly, milly I need another million like really
I will flip the whole script straight up then dip
Had her moaning I said, baby that's just the tip
Set my name in stone I ain't goin' no where
I wear my cloak with all my weapons in public be aware
One look at me your in love I could tell by the way you stared
Left your husband for the pimp caught up in another affair
Whip out this laser, watch out ima slayer
You in the game but it's playing you, can't blame the player
Back in 03' almost lost my life do to these demonic spirits that haunt me
Clearly you can't see the pain in my eyes
Your just to stuck up in your own mother fucking lies
Now I'm in for not a slice but the whole pie
Get this through your thick skull
Skinny pimp up in your bitch got her tummy feeling full
Toast to the ghost bitch
Sick of all these boys actin' tough
Come around me it's about to get rough
Scuff em' up
Hit that right spot A8 and that bitch sunk
Your mom even knows my name ask her who's that sexy fucking hunk?

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