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“Organ Farmer” Lyrics

“Organ Farmer” Lyrics

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“Organ Farmer”

Make the incision
Careful precision
Blood minestrone
New life christen
Fatty rolls of greed

Organ farmer
Organ farmer

Other profession
Growing muscle meat
Bring in the carcass
Where’d you get the body
Speak our blasphemy

Organ farmer
Organ farmer

Counterfeit hypocrite
Runs them all, runs them all
Seething ill ’cause they will
Counting coins. Counting stem cells
Wiretap turbidity
Human laboratory
Kill the squid, cut the tree
Arrogant human meat
Metal thrust, body parts pulled apart
Partly smart, partly odd, piling on
Part of me wants to breathe eternally
Part of me wants to cut out my heart

Farm colossal
Wake the fossil
In the fields of beef


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“Organ Farmer”

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