Ofresh – WWW Lyrics

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Ofresh – WWW Lyrics


Who back to "Seize the City" with the one who never left?
They laughing at my pain, so I say it with my chest!
While you "Started From The Bottom", I was taking out the rest
Never stopped runnin’ the city, why I’m always out of breath!
(GASP) Still stuntin' on my ex!
You steady taking L’s, gotta say I’m quite impressed
I know you see me doing well and that’s hard to digest
If I had to see me too, goddamn I’d be depressed!
Why you even play the game if you ain’t tryna be the best?
The way I’m coming back shootin like I’m payin off the refs (rrrraaaa)
Don’t ever think that you could ever come in between
The team and the dream and the checks
I got real life haters tryna add to my stress
Got real life cheaters tryna add to the mess
Fake people to fake friends, fake friends to real enemieeees
Add THAT to the shit I must address!
God DAMN! I’m blessed
Sins to my eyes, is it time to confess?
The devil is alive, I can feel him on my neck
But I’m obsessed with the dream, you could swear I’m possessed!
They laughing at your pain, but they come for your success
If you ain’t with me by now, then I HIGHLY suggest
Sit back, relax, and watch me "ReFresh"
Got the city on fire
Got the Whole World Watching (WWW)
Everybody, stand up!
Hands up
HANDS UP! High! High!
This is initiation
Keep all your opinions and your validations
Welcome to wonderland, you are in the matrix
I’m going for the dub, don’t want the consolation
Right now. I’m impatient!
I'm on a spaceship
You nould never spar with sophistication
Just because you paid the money, don’t mean you educated
People swearing that they woke - all because they woke up for graduation
I’m just having fun while you keep gettin’ bitter
I just laugh it off, but you Kawhi Leonard
Political activist only when you on Twitter
This is the movement, retweet that and remember
Black beard, big nose, I'm so handsome
“We Up To Something”, yeah, that’s the damn anthem
You can't stand, huh? I guess you missed it
Played the song for the hoes, now they out here Kaepernick-ing
I’m coming off the side with a dolla and a dream
You claim you stayed real – but why you rock with different teams?
Act like you switched sides on purpose, let’s be honest
Your old team didn’t like you – you just an Isaiah Thomas!
I could shoot at ya head for all that ya’ll say
But I’d rather slit ya throat and let ya bleed out the halal way
I’m here to get it done – that’s my job
I put that on Allah, and all the Hindu Gods - lets go!
Got the city on fire
Got the Whole World Watching (WWW)
Everybody, stand up!
Hands up
HANDS UP! High! High!
When the world starts hearing you
Enemies start fearing you
Trying more to get near to you
Praying for their miracle
Spiritual feelings, they wait, and then they steering you
Understanding is critical, making your moves empirical
Your Tongue is a sword, wave that bitch the lyrics too
Distractions come heavy, the drinks start appealing you
Damn the congregation, only like you if they feelin’ you
If they ain’t profiting - they’ll cut you off and "Black Mirror" you!
Ignorant immigrants ignoring ignorant limits
Set by ignorant politicians in superficial positions
I got ignorance, plenty, penny thoughts yet overzelaous
I still move up in silence cause these haters start gettin' jealous
The less they know about you, the more that they fear
Hard to believe people even if intentions are clear
I know its hard... I wish it wasn’t
But if Nouman’s a fraud, no man can be trusted
Got the city on fire
Got the Whole World Watching (WWW)
Everybody, stand up!
Hands up
HANDS UP! High! High!
This is the revoluuution
We here for the revoluuuution

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