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Of Ennui – Delta of Venus Lyrics

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Of Ennui – Delta of Venus Lyrics

Of Ennui

Walls collapse, ceiling careen and crash upon our backs, sweat and tact 
Coming clean, confusing what it means to act responsibly

Restlessly clawing from underneath these sheets, debris and empathy, forgot the pleasantries 

Burden shift, slip in past sentry with a touch of bliss, wantonness
Tastelessness, petal like rose or at least I think, can't remember a thing 

"I am drunk 
Begging for forgiveness
I am tired of digging through piles of wrinkled clothes 
My eyes feel as though they're open, though I'm only sleeping
I hear a song playing
Harmony of a woman lingered outward
Cinematic quality to my implosion
Noise flits backward, reverberates wildly 
Sonic thrusts tapped their way through chiseled marble sound 
An iconic flash of thought 
It ends without" 

Cold torn bed, withdrawal and gaze at ceiling still dilapidated, so inebriated 
Tastelessness, petal like rose or at least I thought of it, apoplectic 

More or less, better off like this and I'm doing fine, some peace of mind 
But I still miss, primal reversion of flesh and tangled mess of misery that's simply temporary, fleeting indecision, a Languid condemnation seething, gone

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