NLE Choppa – Another Baby OTW (Pound Cake Remix) Lyrics

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NLE Choppa – Another Baby OTW (Pound Cake Remix) Lyrics

NLE Choppa

(Damn, Ben Marc shot this too?)
Cash rules everything around me
C.r.e.a.m., get the-get the-get the-get the
Get the-get the-get the-get the money, dollar-dollar
D-d-d-d-dollar-dollar, dollar-dollar bill, y'all (ayy)

Still flyin' commercial when I can go private
Got rich enough that I can buy my own damn pilot
But I ain't rich enough until I get my own island
I'm ahead of the plane, you the co-pilot (co-pilot)
Tryna fill my shoes, you gon' crash and burn
Every time I lose, another lesson I learn
Steady payin' my dues, it's somethin' that I concern
Karma keep catchin' up on good and bad terms
Pool full of money, drownin' with no life guard
Paper chasin' every day, I gotta boguard
'Member hittin' licks, ridin' in the Honda Accords
Now every time I crank my car, gotta thank Lord (amen)
One dollar used to be somethin', now it's chip money (chip money)
Couple dollars used to be somethin', now it's class money (class money)
Blue strips, man, I used to call it Crip money (Crip money)
See 'em flexin' one K, that's my gas money (gas money)
Bust a nust, then I gave her the cab money ((bitch)
But why she tell me I never gave her nothin'?
Like climaxin' wasn't apparent when we start fuckin'
Keep it a hunnid, you might get the key to the Cullinan
Rich bitches all I f*ck with (all I f*ck with)
If I can buy somethin' that you can't get, damn right, I purchased
Compact pistol, packed in your purses (brrt)
Gucci, Birkin, stocks in the Birkin
A few years ago, I used to be the broke nigga
Now I'm laughin' to the bank, good joke, nigga
Made 2.5 last week
I did that in my sleep, imagine when I was a woke nigga
A few years from now, I'ma be a billionaire
Bugatti sittin' on about a hunnid acres
Car collection matte black like the Undertakers
It's gettin' hot, niggas got me on my Mayweather (Mayweather)
House full of wives, bae, I'm a polygamist
I'm a king, I put the queens in positionists
Daddy say I'm pimpin' hoes on my Memphis shit
But now one of my wives gon' be a Memphis chick
Close-minded, can't deal with it
I need some breadwinners too, or I feel like a meal ticket
Bad energy around, I can't deal with it
I'm a empath, so everything feel different
If cash ruled everything, why do I want something that cash can't buy?
Why you can't take it with you when a nigga die?
Why I don't wipe my tears with bills when I cry? Amen, Lord

Ayy, driftin' out to space, extraterrestrial levels
Galaxy in my face, extraterrestrial bezel
Shootin' stars in the spaceship that I pedal
Elon Musk ain't got shit on this fella
Ayy, my ordinary lifestyle ain't ordinary
People kill voluntary just to be my secretary
Shit, I be quite worried 'cause the power that I hold
Could turn a crack house to a library
Grand slam to a food and herb perry
Gun under pillow like I'm beefin' with my tooth fairy
Knowin' I'm too prolific for an earlier bury
Stand for somethin' so big, your back couldn't carry
Everyday make good decisions, I can't check out of my position
Even though I got the power like 50, I can stop anything from living
But this responsibility gotta come with some discipline
Free Shiesty, know he stressin' out up in that prison
Left out to dry when you provide
Collect calls keep gettin' denied
Your bitch fuckin' on a new guy, head high, that's how you survive
In this world that we livin' in, humanity is an insanity, we can't pretend
Lookin' at my enemies, a bunch of old friends
Lookin' at my inner me, demons I let in
Lookin' at my phone, 'nother baby on the way
As I'm recordin' this masterpiece, man, there's no way
Kinda speechless, I ain't even know what to say
But if history repeats, take my life away

Told her make another family, 'cause the family that I made 
Been brought down by a witch and her wicked ways
But I want another baby anyway
Because my current situation the hardest shit that I ever faced
People get what they want, then start actin' different
They had the nerves to ask a nigga why he bein' stingy
Good-hearted nigga, so I feel people out to get me
Not for my brain, but for the shit that a nigga givin'
Cake, cake, cake, this the whole cake
You want a piece of this pie, for life, you owe me
Cake, cake, cake, that's a borrowed cake
If he don't give me what he owe back, clean his plate (brrt)
No cake, no deal, no Annie Mae
Feelin' too real for the fake sake
I am love, tell me what the f*ck is hate?
You ain't gotta say shit, it's written on your face, Memphis

If cash ruled everything, why do I want something cash can't buy?

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