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NDK – Don’t Miss Me Lyrics

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NDK – Don’t Miss Me Lyrics


I dont understand I over stand
Bi-polar glands pumping molten unrolled scrolls through my hands
Read it and go blind from it throat of the world I aint even climb up it
With nothing, I concentrate to rise above it
I look down to sight summits
One thought chisel the whole peak off,  like I took a bite from it
The end of times this a sign of it, I'm coming
Emily Blume, Providing live coverage
Haters see me sky high hoping to view when I plummet
I love it, they should criminalize the rhymes that I'm bussin'
My freedom of speech I'll unleash it
Like creatures from the deepest and darkest of reaches
Breaching stars from multiple parsecs and ethers
If it's a car wreck? speed up and particlize the debris til they breathe dust
Read up how that can eat lungs, if we in agreement capeesh it and leave son

Don't Miss me with that bullshit
I recommend you don't attempt to even hit me with that bullshit

Stoic expressionless poet methodless closer
Volcano venting on beats so the whole world don't blow up
Y'all can thank me later I been encased in anger
But I'm blameless like fathers assualting their daughters rapists
I'm not modern or ancient impossible to carbon date um
My mixtapes pack um up, cargo crate um
To the Svalbard Installation guarded for generations
Locked behind a 50 character combination
Hardwired vocation mixed with acidic perspiration
Telepathically takeover whole spoken conversations
Bring boom bap to the group chat, my lines about you make your crew laugh
I blew past these crude acts, who elude facts and view rap as a way to chew fat
How I do that? with a few screws loose and a crude lab
I smash dudes with glulams,i'll clap crews with glued hands yuh

Don't Miss me with that bullshit
I recommend you don't attempt to even hit me with that bullshit

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