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Naked Jane – Crazy Wife Lyrics

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Naked Jane – Crazy Wife Lyrics

Naked Jane

I'm in love with my wife though she's just a bit crazy
She really can't help the condition she's in
I've tried her on medicines, doctors, and psychics
But none of them understand just where she's been
Oh my crazy wife
Oh my crazy wife
She thinks angels are with us and so are the faeries
She sees them at night time while dreaming among them
She wonders sometimes why they never do show themselves
During her walks through garden alone
She says "Do you believe me?" I say "No, of course not"
I don't believe stories of angels and such
She tells me i'm boring, she tells me I'm simple
I tell her I've never believed in too much
Oh my crazy wife
Oh my crazy wife
So my crazy wife wanders 'round talking to angels
And meanwhile the neighbor kids listen like thieves
She asks why they're laughing, she asks why I doubt her
I tell her it's just not my way to believe
And tonight we're together and we're making love
And we're happy and warm and i tell her good night
As she drifts off to sleep, she says "We're not alone here"
And wide awake, I wish I thought she was right
Oh my crazy wife
Oh my crazy wife
But later that night as I walk through the garden
I see things that only a fool would mistake
I see angels and faeries out there in the garden
I pinch myself twice, but I know I'm awake
She says "Tell me you saw them!" I say "No, of course not"
She says "Lies mean nothing to the angels above"
I say "Come dear, you know me, I've always been honest"
She says "Yes I know you, you're lying, my love"
Oh my crazy wife
Oh my crazy life

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