N8 – dumb blonde Lyrics

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N8 – dumb blonde Lyrics

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As you can see
I'm a little bit messy and crazy
But I'm not as dumb as I seem
As you can see
Maybe I'm just a little meant to be
But maybe I'm going to see
I'm not in a plastic world, don't want no plastic girl
I need everything to be just me
And if you wanna change my life
Then you can go decide
Make me think I could deny
Barbies are so plastic my life is not so sarcastic
I don't wanna be plastic, no
I'm not a dumb blonde in my life
I just need some more, then guidance
I need more then my life, to see
Maybe it got in my head
Maybe the bleach is still there
Or maybe I could go to see
Maybe I lost my damn mind
Maybe I don't go behind
But I don't even care about that
I'm not dumb, oh no
Or am I, I don't know
It's stuck in my mind
That I cannot go behind
Maybe I should go and see you now
I lost it again
I made you pretend
That I was fine
I made you go sin
I made you go flinch and make you mine
It wasn't worth it
I made it again
And made you fine
Am I dumb again
Or am I a flinch of your eyes

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