“Ms Capalot” Lyrics

“Ms Capalot” Lyrics

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“Ms Capalot”

(Hunnid man Sweazie on the…)

I be fantasizin’ ’bout you, close my eyes and watch you dance
I know you don’t trust these niggas, I’m just tryna be your man
Girl, I come from the streets, so that ain’t hard to understand
But, I want you to be mine and I mean that, I ain’t playin’
I know I look like a player, but just please give me a chance
I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout these groupies, man them bitches just some fans
But I know you a real one, and I need you in my hands
And right here by my side, that’s where I want you to stand
If you want it, then you got it, girl, your wish is my command
And you just take ’em off, I’m the one that wear the pants
Yeah I’m gone lay it down and have you braggin’ to your friends
And no I ain’t just talkin’, I’m gon’ show you what I’m sayin’
I was heartless ’til I found it in you
You make me happy, and my smile is the proof
If I ain’t kickin’ it with you, I’m spendin’ time in the stu’
My homies say you changed a nigga and I can’t front ’cause it’s true
I love this vibe, I know you feelin’ it too
I know you was gon’ be mine way before we ever spoke
You know bout the life I’m livin’, you know bout the guns I tote
And you walk around untouched, ’cause they know I’ll do the most
I can’t let you get away, and that’s why I hold you close
And we won’t ever fall off, but I know that’s what they hope
I can’t keep my hands up off you, hit the lights, and lock the door
Tongue kiss you while I’m in it, we gon’ take it nice and slow
Look you in your eyes, with my hands around your throat
I be fuckin’ her with passion, feelings’ deep, just like my stroke
And one time ain’t enough, you keep me comin’ back for more
Baby I’m hooked on your love you got me feenin’ ’cause you dope
Yeah I’ma sucker for you, I ain’t scared to let it show
Been that nigga ‘fore you met me, but you put me in my glow
It’s like music to my ears, when you laughin’ at my jokes
You bring out the other side that these hoes can’t get to know
One day we gon’ have some kids and just sit back and watch ’em grow
I’m gon’ change the way you think, and I’m gon’ change yo last name
Just boss up on yo exes, girl them niggas was some lames
But I realized your worth, so I just can’t treat you the same
Let the world know what’s up, I even let you rock my chain
We used to just be textin’ man, but you was playing games
Now you sitting in my arms, girl look at how far we came
You brighten up my life, I was so used to feelin’ pain
I swear this shit so real, it’s like words can’t explain
Can’t nobody replace you, and you know that for a fact
You know you my baby, why you tripping? Just relax
We might argue, we might break up, but we always come right back
I might front like I don’t miss you, but you know that’s just a act
It’s just like you understand me, and that’s why I’m so attached
And yeah I fuck with gang, but it’s me, you, and this stack
But this money don’t be nothin’, truth be told, you all I got
When I want you, pull up on you, send that text like “Where you at?”


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“Ms Capalot”

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