“Milkshake” Lyrics

“Milkshake” Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah

Niggas wanted beef, so we gave it
Niggas wanted heat, so we gave it
Iced out, new watch, no saving, uh
My pockets still going through inflation
Why these niggas still tapping in they savings?
Why these niggas still ratting, telling statements?

Clam pie colored coupe, Me & Stacey
Dash on a bitch, I don’t care if niggas hate me
86 lift, no belt, no safety
Bag on a bitch if the bitch wanna chase me
She wanna fuck but that bitch not a 10 though
Please back up, bitch, hands out the Benzo
Bitch got mad, quit staining my window
Bitch tryna brag but you lamer than your friends, hoe

Creepy ass hoe tryna fuck
I ain’t worry bout a hoe or a slut
Niggas really want smoke, so it’s up
It’s quiet, so when you niggas really pullin up?
You lying, so why you niggas really think you tough?
You dying, cause I be talking shit and now it’s stuck
Uh, how you upgrade your life but be stuck in the same place?
Broke in the same place?
How you do shit for so damn long and be stuck in the same place?
Living that the same way?
It’s dead, we throwin it out
Can’t get it myself? Then we going without
Be hard in the streets, then be hoe in the mouth
He talking the shits, but we calling him out

Wordplay slicker than Juice
On my worst day, I’m prettier than you
Wanted beef, so we sent him to Zeus
New Glock sitting, waiting in my coupe
Oh my God, wait, hold on, oops
Oh my God, wait, hold on

La la, la la, la
Want it all
La la, la la, la

Oh my motherfucking God, no he didn’t
It’s Kodie K Kelis
No need to talk shit cause your boyfriend jealous
She say that I’m selfish
Ain’t no need to get mad when no ass on your pelvis
Girl, that ass going down
Got my headphones beating, bah dun duh dun dun
Beat they ass till they down
No need for the Glock, no need for the drum


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