Michael Aristotle – Favor Ain’t Fair Lyrics

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Michael Aristotle – Favor Ain’t Fair Lyrics

Michael Aristotle

No skeletons in yo’ closet
To match these broken bones
Me and my niggas from broken homes
Some of our homies that didn’t make it
They broke in homes
Said we gotta’ die rich
We ain’t tryna’ be broke and grown
Nigga we just wanted love, At a time we was hurting
People ain’t understand us
Sick of giving our given manners to ones undeserving
Niggas can’t walk in my shoes let alone walk in they purpose
Used to the bottom but now we scratching the surface
Screaming f*ck the world
My dick is scratching the cervix
Put on this chain, just to hide a strain
Ain’t gotta’ explain
There is a motive with every purchase
Revenge, pussy, respect
F*ck it all 3 is worth it
Then we back to working
Every dollar spent
They can’t see it in yo’ eyes cause your frames gotta’ tent
See the pictures on ya I-G
You looking well-fed
But they ain’t know that you was stressing cause u couldn’t pay the rent
Can’t afford lawyers that’s where the label win at
You notice it?
Smoking Gelato
Put ashes on eviction notices
Hot nigga came to remind you all who the coldest one
You don’t worry bout’ who number two when you the chosen one
God is good everytime all the time
God is good everytime all the time
Even when you thought your faith was hard to find
God is good all the time everytime
God is good all the time everytime
God is good all the, yeah
God is good all the time everytime
I wake up from kush comas
Nearly my days over
People been showing they true colors thats cray-ola
She want the old me but he got a makeover
This ain’t a slumber party bitch ain’t no staying over
Toxic energy get to me i stay praying over
Don’t want stereotypes like fried chicken or grape soda
100 calls from her she trippin’
She could’ve had my kid but she didn’t
My ego was getting heavy no moving him
I pray none of my niggas think i be using em’
When I go through financial shit, and i’m down and out
Don’t see no scars but i still feel like i’m bruising em’
Not being mentioned, nobody knowing what’s my spot
I hope people know i’m more important than this hi-top
Box Top, boxing myself in, I might die quickly
My granny dying
But i’m worried about yo’ top 50
Demon on the shoulder look like at yaself’
Angel on my other like look at ya’ health
You dying of thirst and its evident
How could you send it back to god, when it’s heaven sent
Drinking all the pain away
My sorrows I’m swimming it it
Evict me from regret i been living in it
Ima’ spitting image of one that got too fucking much to do
Knowing i can’t die right now
I got too fucking much to prove
Bad examples to my sister and my little brother too
Watch my father struggle to get my selfish ass some fucking shoes
Middle class black in Ellenwood
We ain’t the huxtables
It’s humbling when you sleeping on the floor
But it’s uncomfortable
God is good everytime all the time
God is good everytime all the time
God is good everytime all the time
Sunday afternoon the day that i was chosen
Middle of the summer yet my body frozen
I just got the call that left me breathless
Ya’ homie told me that you missed ya’ period
And now u nervous thinking that you pregnant
I couldn’t get no rest
Early morning when you facetimed me
Heart drop when you showed test
Positive not the face on me
Now you saying mikey what we finna’ do
This shit never happen, this ain’t ritual
Funny how a baby make you spiritual
If i make it out this it’s a miracle
Girl you know
I ain’t ready for a kid, my career is starting out
Me and you don’t even love each other, we just fucking
I had nutted treated like its nothing
Had a condom that i brought up with me
I ain’t even use it that night
All the issues that i made caught up with me
Now you on the other side crying on the phone
You ain’t liking my decision
Deep down u wanna’ get incision
You turn around acting like i forced it
I told you we gon’ do whatever choice that you choose
So you said f*ck the ultrasound, I’ma go and get abortion
Every second i was there
Tried to show you that i care
I was gonna take care of my responsibilities
But being there for you full time wasn’t my abilities
I thought I would have a normal life
Wow silly me
Mikey you don’t wanna settle
Man why the f*ck you killing me
Now you drinking
On my phone cursing
Yelling you don’t like me
You don’t really want the baby
But you’ll have it just to spite me
God on my mind saying do the right thing spike lee
You just set appointment out the sky
Now i feel like i’m about to die
Why my first born gotta’ die
Life been going so wild
You said ain’t shit for me to stress about
I ain’t making you kill yo’ child
Why you gotta’ say shit like that
I know my lesson
I’m holding back tears in my session
Sharp pain going through my chest in
Text shot me like a Smiff N’ Wesson
You gotta’ read these at yo’ discretion
You at the clinic and you second guessing
For 5 hours girl you didn’t text me
I’m at the studio my hands sweating
Anxiety high i gotta' run
Text from you so i opened phone
That’s when you tell me that you got it done
I guess you and I was not the one…

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