Method Man – Zodiac Killah Lyrics

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Method Man – Zodiac Killah Lyrics

Method Man, DJ Nu-Mark

I'd like to take you on an astrological trip through the signs of the zodiac
This is the zodiac
This guy is a killer
Zodiac a symbol that now stands for terror in San Francisco

This shit hard, boy

Still at large
No-one knows where he'll strike next

Yo, call me a zodiac killah
Hard shot of liquor to a Cognac sipper
Rap spitter flow, I'm the illest, slash, iller ex-crack dealer code
I'm a polar cap peeler
Capricorn just for lyin' to Gorillaz
Get cancer from the smoke, 69's how I did her
This just a small version but the posse's bigger
My finger-ram trigger 'bout to Aries in ya
Yeah, it's like the dawning of Aquarian
The sign says, get your point across Sagittarian
But I just see fool-pisquetarian
Feel this cut, all up in your guts - that's Cesarean
You can weigh me on a scale, legendary of a buryin'
Tell 'em Libra 'fore I bury 'em !
All my bullies a friend of yours, ain't a friend of mine
The only shooter that's in the gym, is Gemini

Taurus, virgo, aquarius, pisces, aries, libra, sagitarius, cancer, leo, capricorn, scorpio

Z-z-z-zodiac, z-z-z-zodiac sign

Yeah, Mr. Mef, Uncle Nu !
Zodiac killers ! And who the eff is you !
Wu-Tang Clan rocks the world baby
Now can I get a soo?

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