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Manuş Baba – Aşkın Kederi Lyrics

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Manuş Baba – Aşkın Kederi Lyrics

Manuş Baba

Mustafa Özkan(born 1 December 1986), better known by his stage name Manuş Baba, is a Turkish pop and arabesque singer. He studied at the Tarsus Turgut İçgören primary school in Tarsus. His family later moved to Antalya, due to his father’s job as a seasonal worker in Antalya. He studied at Antalya Gazi High School and Akdeniz University. He started his music career with his band Güneşe Yolculuk in 2010. He also has had a number of hit albums in Turkey, including Bu Havada Gidilmez, Dönersen Islık Çal and İki Gözümün Çiçeği.

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