Makana – Makee ‘Ailana Lyrics

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Makana – Makee ‘Ailana Lyrics


Makana is a mountain located on northern shore of the island of Kauaʻi, where it rises 1,115 feet (340 m) above Limahuli Valley.Makana is a Hawaiian language term meaning gift or reward. It is often used as a person’s name or as part of a name.
Limahuli Garden and Preserve preserves the valley below. It was featured in the 1958 film adaptation of the musical South Pacific as Bali Haʻi, a name that is still used to this day.Makana Mountain is one of only two locations where the fire-throwing ceremony, ʻōahi, was performed in ancient Hawaiian times. The ʻōahi was a celebration of very special occasions such as the graduation of students from the hālau hula (hula school) at Kēʻē or the visit of an aliʻi (high chief). On the day of the ceremony, skilled firethrow… more »

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