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Mac Miller – Thumbalina Lyrics

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Mac Miller – Thumbalina Lyrics

Mac Miller

Straight up, I just wanna say one time
After two years at this mothafuckin' crib 
F*ck all y'all mothafuckers
Livin' all over this mothafucker tryna kick me out
That goes for you, Mrs. Watson
Witcha little ass kids always fuckin' cryin'
You got your little chihuahua
F*ck you and your motherfuckin' mama, bitch
I'm out here, suck my motherfuckin' dick
Yeah, REMember Music 
Old Jewish
(Go ahead)
(This is my tambourine)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's how it's goin' down, one time for that
Okay, okay, yeah

(Oh my Lord) he's on drugs again
My neighbors yellin', I don't give a f*ck again
And I swear to God if the cops come again
I'ma open up this door and get to rumblin'
Start bussin', bussin', bussin', bussin'
My dick, your mouth, no discussion, yeah
It's all happenin', I must be imaginin'
Take a hit, time travelin'

Turn up the mothafuckin' volume
Yeah, yeah, yeah (I'm 'bout to bust like the condom)
And you a freak, why you hidin' in a costume?
(That disguise make your body look awful)

Let me see them nipples, baby
Ooh (what's happenin', man?)
Don't give it all up, just a little, baby
Ooh (what's happenin' here?)
I'm just tryna free your mind
(Free your, free your mind)
'Cause all you see is dollar signs
(She blinded by the streets)

Line-crosser, real-life flyin' saucer
Nothin' straight 'bout her but her posture
Young prodigy, I'ma eat lobster
Pull Spanish bitches but I speak nada
And she got a need to roll the weed all up
You ain't got a chance when it's me on ya (shit)
I'm a mothafuckin' legend, girl
Leave that pussy killed, bitches out in Edinboro

Turn up the mothafuckin' volume
(Told us to just bust like the condom)
And you a freak, why you hidin' in a costume?
(That disguise make your body look awful)

Leave that pussy crippled, baby
Ooh (what's happenin', man?)
Let me slide right down the middle, baby (yeah)
Ooh, where the f*ck my Thumbelina?
Has anybody seen her?
She blinded by the streets

'Bout to start my own motherfuckin' committee
And it's gon' be me and Josh
And it's gon' be with motherfuckin' bitches
With their motherfuckin' ass and titties, I don't give a f*ck

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