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King Chai & Jay Anime – My Body Different Lyrics

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King Chai & Jay Anime – My Body Different Lyrics

King Chai & Jay Anime

My Body Different like Me Too
I'm cancelling y'all like Me too
I run the block, can't lose
It's just me
I got them sticks like pencils
Body drop, outline, stencil
I move weight, poundsville
I dropped weight, anvil
In the Body of Christ we different
Real soldiers move like missions
No time for no fake Christians
No time when you ain't gone listen
Pray for 'em, what?
They falling, throw grace on 'em
Shoot, I stay falling
God, I stay calling
What's up? What's up?
You think you tough so what?
I shoot on sight I bust
I got no time fo' lust
Yeah, yeah
Run it up, body moving,
Christ Gang, I'm Booling
Yo gang ahh
Yo gang got what on who ruling?
God? You bugging tryna see yo maker
Get sent up there you won't make it
That's facts, facts
On me, stay strapped
Bodies drop, Fast
I don't eat, fast
My body different, not a disguise
Me getting healthy is not a surprise
Ya say ya getting the bag but the only bags that I be seeing is under your eyes
I'm going to bed no later than 9
The early the better the greater the time
Ya think ya getting ahead but you killing yourself
And your body ain't better than mine
See I'm just a branch, I came with The Vine what?
When I go to eat, get grapes from The Vine
If I do not pray I don't take from The vine
Ya just be
Ya just
Ya just
It's dangerous getting things if ya didn't even pray it though
2019 when I tore my Achilles was still doing Uber and walk with a limp
Fell right in depression, was losing myself, feeling the blues, thought I was crip
And they didn't get it, like why am I sad, I cry all the time, they called me a
They called me baby , I asking them why, because I just say at the crib
My body different, man on a mission, nah I don't even rap like that
My body different, this is a temple
Drink so much water, not tryna get pimples
Jesus did all of the work, it's simple
Ain't even deep like my shawty dimples
Found me a wife, gave me the signal
Bible told me to delight in her nipples
Or was it the breast, same thing, either way
Waiting 'til marriage. Her body different though
Hold on, hold on
Y'all thought I was done, who you fooling
Still running the block ain't losing
It's just me
I stay in Word like a racist nah come on
I stay N-Word like a racist
My God superior like racism
I spray those shots like wet mist
Big Body on top like Saint Nick
Yeah, uh
Lotta bodies get hurt, Mosh Pit
If you scared go to Church, prophet
He only prey on cheeks, fake prophets
I don't know what's worse, that's not it

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