“Killa” Lyrics

“Killa” Lyrics

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Young Pappy Lyrics


All white like I’m Mensa I got Teezy in my swisha (Teezzzyyyy)
I dropped 2 cups in August (2 cups) (2 cups) swear that mixtape too official
Got 2 of everything 2 watches 2 chains (What!?) and 2 pistols not just 2 pistols (Flex!)
2 clips (Flex!) too, extendos longer than pencils Fuck you mean (What?)
I go hard for my team boa fuck you thought (Fuck) nigga I rock designer (Designerrr) Shorty this shit cost
Ion know what the fuck you bought so you not from over there but you over there (What?)
You gettin’ whacked give a fuck if you lost (Boom! Boom!)
I done turned into a savage the shit I got taught
All I hang with is killas I ain’t neva got caught my squad go crazy
I’m with shotty go crazy (Go Crazy) know lil bos folks crazy he be totin’ the 380 (Boom! Boom!)
I dare a nigga try to play me I’ma lay his ass down like he lazy
Bitch I ain’t for none (none) they put a nigga on parole see I couldn’t walk around with no gun (What?)
You can ask bro nem they’ll tell you about foe’nem and how them niggas see me and they run (Nigga know)
Cause they know I got it on me and I can merch on my homie
I’m used to ridin’ round by my lonely but Sheen (Savage) (Savage) just called say he wanna ride with me
So I put em in the back let em tote the macaroni and that bitch go (Blllllat)
Semi automatic, it took off a nigga back
I wish a nigga would try to run up on Pap
Hell yeah I can fight, but I rather up a strap I rather up a pole on a nigga
Got a keep a pole on me nigga I’m too known for a nigga
How you get caught for a pole lil nigga and you home already, lord know you done told on a nigga
You can catch me on the pole where is cold you can froze lil nigga (it’s freezinnnn’)
Need a sweater or a coat lil nigga No sense of humor but if you walk around broke lil nigga
I laugh at that joke lil nigga which yo funny ass

Fake ass trues with yo bummy ass
I done came along way from sellin’ dummy bags…
Now I’m gettin’ money nowwww
Smoking on dope

I got money I got bitches, etc
Bitch I was gettin’ caught with this and go felon
No season this year I’m smokin’ on
Flash keep me up like I’ma rollin’ off adderall
I be bussin’ my squad ain’t for nothing let my nina talk and she don’t like discussion
A couple face shots, couple shots to his stomach, his brains oozin’ out
That shit look like some vomit somebody get his ass up
Ambulance picked his ass up he’s dead on arrival there’s no point in tryin’
The doctor stitch his ass up or it’s over with PBG who I’m rollin’ with
But you already know that shit they pay homage like they owe that shit
I see you got a gun, you not on shit till you blow that bitch
If I was a scared man, I’d be dead man, smokin’ headband, tryin’ get higher than red man
Pack so loud I ain’t hear what you sayin’ man
You’ll never see me down and talkin’ to the feds man
Fuck what a nigga heard PBG be the word I’m just tryna get a check like the 3rd
Ridin’ round with my bitch smokin’ herb got 2 twin forties that’s the only thing his and hers
Hell nah I ain’t scared I’ma let this bitch blow boa I gave yo bitch back
Shorty let that shit go yeah I let her suck my dick but I let that bitch know
Hell yeah I got a bitch so I let my bitch know Cause it’s levels to this shit
Rules, regulations she give me dumb brain like she neva had no education
You ain’t tryna kill none boa I see you hesitating
Shooting with yo eyes closed, fuck you doin’ meditating
Boa If you scared go to church, read Revelation
Quick to blow, thank the lord I got better patience
Niggas know boa I be higher than elevators
Turn the day you got smoked into a celebration

Hold on… I be goin’ crazy!
Who the killa nigga?
Who the killa nigga?
You ain’t no killa nigga


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