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Ahle Shiraz man hastam, Amaa shahre man degar Shiraz neest
Shahreh man gom shodeh ast, Be gom naamiyeh zamin nazdik shodam
Pendar be roozegari, nafas keshidam, rosht kardan, aashegh shodan
Valikan rooze door ast, Andisheyeh Javaanieh

Shiraz, Sher saz, Az Esgh Bekhaanid
Shahram, Ghalbam, Soraagham biyayid
Shiraz, Aavaaz, Roozeh khoshi hast
Shareh Marham, Khamoosh Namaaneem

Shaayad baa khod Ashti konam
Noor ra dar ra ruhan jaay daham
Divaar ha ra kharaab konam
Poleh Erfan Bonyad daham
Ashkaar Andisheytaan, Be Safiyeh Aiineh Konam
Bolooreh Khorshid Miresad
Aan rooz dobareh doost khaam daasht

My land is from Shiraz, but Shiraz is no longer my land
My city is now lost, I have approached to the land of the forgotten
Pondering upon the past, breathing, growing, falling in love
Though it's now far away, it's the ambitious mind of the youth

Shiraz, the City of Poets, sing about love
My City, My heart, Come and discover me
Shiraz, Melody, It is a joyous day
A healing City, Let's not stay Silent

Maybe I shall be at peace with it
And give space to the light of spirits
Maybe I will destroy the walls
And give birth to the mystical bridges
Shed light on your true Intentions as a clear Mirror
The Light of the Sun will arrive
And I shall once again rejoice for that day

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