Juan C – Snatch Yo Weave Lyrics

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Juan C – Snatch Yo Weave Lyrics

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Juan C


When these girls see me, they look away because they think I'm too ugly.

I be getting high hopes for these girls that probably don’t even like me.

Why you talking when your momma said that you were an accident. 

And why you think your boyfriend loves you when you can’t even handle him?

People don’t mess with me cuz they know that they are too weak.

My homies on Snapchat always be on there sending me Streaks.

The beat on this song is so hot you be tapping your feet.

The bass on this song be hitting hard that your speakers are weak

The beats that you make sound like some cheap beats from Dollar Tree.

My quality higher because I’m doing geometry

If you try to copy these beats that I make, you’ll be in poverty

Girls can’t get close to my standards, so don’t come and bother me

Boy, You be so broke, that you own an Android

On Christmas Day, you always be giving sand toys

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