JJ KiND – Long Ass Space Journey (feat. Lilac Xo & Lang) Lyrics

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JJ KiND – Long Ass Space Journey (feat. Lilac Xo & Lang) Lyrics


Light breaks past horizons
And it's cold out there
Swear your solar flare
Could heat a polar bear
But don't you dare
Over belts and under moons
In my community I'm childish
Try not to be an asteroid
Life can take on fast surprises
Like a meteor but I'm even more
Promise that I'm soaring atcha speedy or
Slower melts the icy dunes
Space pirate on a climate riot
Mutiny Music on the starboard side
So let's glide
Blackhole is my reference book
Menagerie of mediocre puns I shook
Out my skull, this helmet's full
Off my navigation but your grav
It pulls me to places
I orbit greatness
I see these faces of cheese need phases
Light side of a dark moon, always chasing
Line up for a landing and my body bracing
No air down here, fear in the atmosphere
Supposedly it's siphoned, I ain't even got the gear
Hold my breath as my face goes white to clear
Lang and Lilac stationed
Milky Way musketeers
Cause this flow is sweet and it's out this world
Alternate dimension in my brain the way it swirls
I been choosing two 2's like my Luna girl
And I can stomach all the sand because I plan for pearls
I got love and my girl's feeling likewise
We even made two babies with some brown eyes
Paradise is the dream with some blue skies
Workin hard doin shit like the try guys
Ain't ever been much of a king pin
But if Lang's in, we gonna win
No tragedies because I'm writing sins
In a panic man, i'm not Brenden
Yo I am the one who will always work harder
Try and do good for my son and my daughter
When I step up I will always go harder
You may be a dad but big Lang is a father
I always go farther when I set my mind
To music, I use it, while sipping some wine
We be in space so we lost track of time
In this odyssey my team will be fine
Make a mind like a universe, constantly expanding
Might be Buzzed on the moon, I'm outstanding
Not MJ but I got the rings
When I think about Saturn
It's is a funny thing
Yeah JJ and Lang no you can't explain us
We're on mars and ur Uranus
Wrapped up in the gravitational pull
Strapped up with the metered oxygen full
Your insulation fiberglass and mine is wool
And I've got the tools but my mind is melting
Are you smelting the words I'm belting
Don't be mediocre like that shit that's trending
I could go on yea I'm never ending
The story of existence and I'm not pretending
Spiral outward interstellar bending
Dark matter of the galaxy forever blending

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