JayMedi – Big Dough Lyrics

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JayMedi – Big Dough Lyrics


JayMedi really next up, make the bitch do what I Say, I’m taking over the world like I’m robotic
Everywhere I go I’m stepping out with designer to the toe, Fendi backpack hella heavy, got me feeling so demonic
I’m finna bleed the scene, you gone end up on the news, bussing .45s the way a nigga act be so chaotic
Can’t believe you really want that hoe after she hit the whole crew, dirty niggas be the most idiotic
Sippin hella dirty in my cup hi tech lean I pour it up, damn I feel like I’m an alcoholic
I be pimpin hella hoes make em do what I say, got me thinking I need the impala with hydraulics
Boutta drop another banger like a bomb, shoot the Glock that’s gone blow you up I call that bitch atomic
Hella faded off that gas it’s the cookies in my blunt young nigga stay Smokin that exotic
JayMedi finna stack his paper it’s gone be an EZ call
Stackin up that big dough all my money out here looking hella tall
You’re a lame real niggas we balling its another lane your pockets looking hella small
Getting my money faster you’re too slow I’m the foreign dasher I’m going all for all
My dough green and blue my paper looking forest tall, gonna take out Hunnid dollar bills I’m finna spend them all
The whole designer fit got me spending hella bands, all for all I’m that nigga, I’m finna rock it
Don’t mess with my gang grab the glock with beam I’m gone shoot you up like a rocket
Smokin gas, got them bankrolls on me always gotta keep em in my pocket
Fake niggas throwin shade all they know it how to hate, always in my way but I block it
I’m never doing shit for free, I charge that bitch for the fee I’m always making hella profit
If I see a dirty bitch ima pass on it I don’t really want it, ugly bitch gets too close I think ima vomit
Killed a big ass wood this shit got me hella high, my life a movie, fucking on your bitch to me this shit a comic
Only want the money nothing else cut that bitch off don’t call my phone you should stop it
Lame niggas really tryna flex, but you know your place, sit down nigga stop it
Only want that bitch for the guap nothing else she’s a dick choker that’s her only topic

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