Jay Rizzo – 21 Freestyle Lyrics

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Jay Rizzo – 21 Freestyle Lyrics

Jay Rizzo

2021 the same me, just time I leveled up
Had to drop a track, this working shit done fucked my schedule up
Need to stack this paper, get a stu & ice my bezel up
2020 had me EBK and moving devilous
Bitches ain't shit & niggas hoes, thats why I move alone
I be in the dungeon doing dishes why I'm never home
9 to 5 just to fund the stu I gotta set the tone
Self proclaimed the greatest I should prolly get it set in stone
DTB4L how I'm feeling, but need some bitches still
Was gon settle down, but she dubbed me, but I respect the real
Ex back on my body she horny, she need a dick to feel
Rizzo why you wilding out on this, yo tell that nigga chill
That nigga still, even though I took a L or two
Made bag tracks bout it, now I'm feeling like Ella dude
SoundCloud feel like OnlyFans, these tracks is hella nudes
Feeling like I'm Ramsey, I chef up verses thats hella food
Nobody cares to be honest nigga & I don't either
I still been looking for my own sound on my finders keepers
Got verse on verse like a bible but I am not a preacher
Wanted to find me a wifey instead I found some treesha
Already showed ya I could rap, now ima swag talk
Stacking up my paper, getting fly, yeah thats that bag talk
Sicker than the virus, why I always got my mask off
2021 I gotta rocket thats that blast off
Swear I see my l's like they was lessons, made me greater than I ever been
Still'll be the man & legend status if I never win
It's space inside the mainstream, I don't need it, but I'm getting in
Not saying niggas wack, I'm just letting you know I'm better than
Been working harder, put in overtime and double up
Grinding gotta eat and I can't sleep cuz I ain't done enough
Isolate myself to focus up and get them numbers up
Pockets getting fat, but I been skinny, f*ck a tummy tuck
And if you running up, that'll be ya last chase
How you talking tuff, but know you soft and gotta glass face
Yeah I took some Ls, but I ain't never been in last place
First pick in the draft, now ima champ in such a fast pace

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