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Getting rid of my supplies cause they caught them other guys
Come inside and what you'll find is the deepest, darkest mind, uh
Make you come and find em, Hate you had to sign up
Cause now I'm bout to line up and leave you laying eyes shut
Bastard from A L A B A M A, Alabama
I remember like just yesterday we was in handcuffs
Bag full of some cancer and ambulances will sound up
Half full of a glass with a dash of "you need to back up"
Come to check in with the specialist, The introspectionist
Finally in my element, Test me and learn a lesson
If pessimism helps me then what's wrong with being reckless
My team is looking like a wet dream for executives
Recollections of the old me, Full of negligence
Selling something so superficial like staying celibate
Welcome bitch, I'm bout to blow your mind with my expletive
Negative ghost-rider, You can't compete with arrogance
I'm Justin Gaethje when I backflip off the top bunk
Doing cocaine with a dollar inside the hot tub
Cop busted up in the apartment where I would shop from
If you need to find some coke or molly, Bet I got some
Got drunk and fucked a lame bitch from Nicaragua
Keep on barking, You can mark my words, Ima sock ya
Leave you with a couple bullet burns on your bottom
I ain't never really been concerned about my problems
Waking up a monster, Jake is an imposter
The real me is dead, Somewhere floating in the water
I'm in Vegas and I'm hanging with some sinners
They paying for my dinner and I'm safe when I stay with them
Give me space so when I finish, Y'all can say I mean some business
Mister kill them with some kindness, Turn your back and spray the witness, uh
Swisher full of citrus, uh
Jake is for the children, uh
I'm the most handsome out of all the villains


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