“If Pain Was a Person” Lyrics

“If Pain Was a Person” Lyrics

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“If Pain Was a Person”

Dee you poppin yo’ shit, nigga

I be tryna figure out like
Why a motherfucker want you to be loyal to them
And they ain’t loyal to you, I don’t, I don’t really get that
Be tryna show love in private ’cause

They done told people people they don’t fuck with you in public and shit
That shit be crazy, I don’t be understanding that shit, niggas be feeling
Slick way about bitches and
Come on man, if we ain’t about no money, what we doin’? (Speak)

I done over played my part, they forgot about me amnesia (It’s cool though)
I done hit yours, you done hit mine, why you still mad? We even (I ain’t on that)
The blogs put up anything (Shit made up)
And the crazy part they believe ’em (For gophers)

Nigga caught a charge and got locked up
Only reason dude still breathing (I swear)
I never make a hoe feel like I can’t do no better than her (Who?)
Heard that she got a new nigga, my bag the biggest
She said he don’t fuck how I fuck (Haha)

Bitch lied on God and her kids
Threw me off, damn, that fucked up my trust
I know a nigga a cross you to win
Where you at with it? Yeah, I come from the bluff

Lil’ bro don’t go through there spinning, can’t do it myself (Why)
‘Cause my position
I’m peeping niggas in slick competition
Really some bitches, sit down when they pissin’

They get some fame off me if I mention
But it’s a shame on me if I did it
I know you obsessed with me and I get it
Stay in yo’ lane and stay out my business (Over there)

Y’all running off with all these rumors and shit
Quick and shit makin’ assumptions
Next thing you know you judgin’ a nigga, damn

What about the truth?
It’s two sides to this shit
I’ve been that nigga
I been lit, I been the shit

Before I ever went public with a bitch
Y’all just catching on late
Speaking on my personal life
My real life, talkin’ ’bout how it’s fake nigga
You ain’t me, you ain’t in my shoes
You ain’t pay dues (Speak)

He ain’t no gangsta, never did nothin’ gangsta
That’s what they said (That what they hollerin’)
I done seen so many niggas end up dead ’cause they got misled (Facts)
Ain’t got no time for no baby mouth ass nigga tryna get spoon fed (Na)
All that he say she say, code red, numb to it, brain dead (Don’ wanna hear it)

Without y’all I wouldn’t be shit
Hope the haters hear me loud and clear (I’m making sure)
Unc told me, “A scary man a dead man, you can’t live ya’ life in fear,”

So I’m taking risks (Yeah)
You can’t get a fair bond last time I checked
How them charges disappear (Hold up)
Lack of communication with my bitch (What?)
Got her acting all insecure (Mine)

I come from the struggle like you did, nigga
Why the fuck you tryna down me? (Huh)
If I gotta coach a nigga on how to be real
I don’t need ’em around me (At all)

You can’t fix ya’ mouth to say I ain’t fuck with ya
At least one time
Well two times, nah three times
Couldn’t see the envy, I was too blind

See they probably thought I was runnin’ out
Whole time I was holdin’ back, shit a infinity clip
I’m what’s going on, so I’m already knowin’ my name gon’ be in ya’ mouth but
When you have them conversations

Make sure you mention he gettin’ six figures for a show
Eleven whips paid for, house sittin’ on four acres
Take care of his kids, treat all of ’em equally
Momma put up, she can wiggle her toes at night peacefully
Shit like that what I do it for, that’s goals, nigga (Speak)

Hope for the best, prepare for the worse
However it come, just know that I’m ready (That’s it)
You know a lie, don’t give a fuck who tell it (Uh)
I know they mad but they never admit it (Who?)
It be your own people (Blood)

They gone try to take advantage of you if you let ’em
They get a thrill off turnin’ you down
But never gossip but how you help em

I heard it’s niggas out hear wanna touch me
But I can’t tell, I be where they at
Watch you draw the line, so stay over there
Don’t come ’round the gang, don’t throw up the set

You not what I rep
Why do some shit you gone regret? (Answer that)
Think smart with it, this shit chess (Ha)
Just ’cause y’all related, don’t mean nothin’
Niggas Unc ice about they check (Hey Meech)

All that, “You love me”, shit ain’t genuine
I felt the vibe when I walked in
Shit slick, hurt me thinkin’ you solid then I saw you bend
Even after they true colors show kept it real on my end
That wasn’t my beef at first, I made it mine
‘Cause me and bruh locked-in (For life and after)

When I say we la familia, we la familia, we locked in for life
Shit, loyalty over love
We gon’ keep it real first
Like you not gon’ see me fucking with my nigga opp

I don’t give a fuck if I knew, his opp longer than him
Niggas’ll hate you so much, they can know yo’ opp a rat
And still hang with ’em
Don’t that make them the same nigga?
Shit, let me know I need clarification

What part of the game is that?
See, I know what need to be done
Nigga need to start pullin’, straight up checking these niggas
These niggas can’t stand no pressure

You ain’t gotta feel how I’m comin’ where I’m comin’ from
If pain was a person


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“If Pain Was a Person”

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