I Come Alive – Manager on Duty (MOD) Lyrics

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I Come Alive – Manager on Duty (MOD) Lyrics

I Come Alive

So you've lived this rough life
Now you just want to take it out
Unload your baggage on anyone who is around
But still you'll act surprised when no one wants you in their life
Explode with anger when the world does not bend to your crown
I'll hold my temperament, and let you play the role of clown
Man, are you finished yet
Cuz I can't let you get me down
It's been a long-long day, or a long-long night
And I just clocked in for my nine to five
Now I'll ask again
Can you check your vibe
There's no manager here
So my hands are tied
There's no manager here
I'm not paid to care, dear
There's no manager here
You should feel ashamed to talk to people that way
And unload your day like it's part of their wage
I hope this song strikes to your core
To make a change you can employ.
And I hope you're mindful of the words you use
And what they're for
If you had your way, you would waste my time
While you just complain, and I roll my eyes
But if I had my way, I would sit you down
And I'd demonstrate the hell you're giving me now
So, I still challenge you to look into your own inside
Your rude attitude has no place in social life
So don't believe the lie, the customer is always right
I'll take you out of line, and straight outside to slap your mouth
Respect and dignity go a long way
So we should give more love than we take
There's no excuse for acting this way
When it costs nothing to make someone's day

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