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Gquetv – Black Fathers Matter Lyrics

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Gquetv – Black Fathers Matter Lyrics


Black and active

It ain't easy being a black father
Carry the family on yo back
But that weight could cause back problems
The provider, the fact solver
Making sure you fed and a place L.A. yo head like hat Dodgers
How many families got fathers missing, we made this shit tradition
Cause we was scared to step up to position
I always wondered why do men run?
Where does it steer from?
Where do we get this sense of fear from?
Child support got our pockets hostage
But if we providing, I really feel this shit is out of pocket
Support determined by a man's wallet
But I'll be there for my children
No matter what and I'm just being honest
Cause that's how I was raised
A man's presence is needed
I mean that shit undefeated, I just had to say
How could we run away from something we created
These are unanswered questions we should argue and debate it
I'm a, black active father here to spark the conversation
Cause, as the children grow they gone want an explanation
Like, where the f*ck my daddy, somebody bring my daddy back
It's time to man up fellas cause real men ain't having that!

But if we're honest with ourselves we'll admit
(Uh!) that, too many fathers are also missing (Yeah!)
It's time to man up fellas cause real men ain't having that!
Too many fathers are M.I.A
Too many fathers are awol, missing from too many lives and too many homes
They've abandoned their responsibilities
They're acting like boys instead of men!

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