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God Moore the Elixir – From Predecess to Tha Predeceed Lyrics

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God Moore the Elixir – From Predecess to Tha Predeceed Lyrics

God Moore the Elixir

(Cheeah) I'm feelin light enough da float
Light enough da go to tha Lighter Source for hope
Bright enough to wield Light for tha Road
I Love Life and understand Death a part of tha code

Even so, tha right conditions
FInd me, fine'ly, Seems like I'm winnin
The Elders told me that tha sky was tha limit
So I Guess where I am they prohibit, I went beyond

I went beyond (I went beyond)
I went beyond (I went beyond)
I went beyond (I went beyond)
I went beyond

(Work it out) Yeah, I'm here though (Uh-huh)
That's all yall get for free....(Cheeah), God Elixir

Mind blossom in its springtime (springtime)
Still it's awesome in tha meantime 
Gettin knowledge from Tha Essence, and with it, it Seems fine (seems fine)
To prove tha Christ, I'wn need wine

To prove tha Christ, I'wn need lines
I am tha Book, (I Am tha Book), provin I  was here in these times
To prove I'm right, I don't need lies
(I'wn need lies)
Move through life as Ellohiems eyes

Tha New Regime, Campfire tellin Dark Tales
Of tha Darkest times, Bringin Light into tha Dark Realm
Knowers of tha Light be in remorse if all tha Dark Fail
Spinnin Black Strings, Getcha caught up in that Dark Web (Salutations)

From Predecessed to tha Predeceed
Livin Life in tha Astral, it sets me free
MentalClaustrophobic here on Earth, go there, it let's me breathe
Reach tha Pinnacle of Gnosis, where it is won't let me leave

From Predecessed to tha Predeceed, don't smother tha truth, time da let it breath
Inhale compassion, let it reach
(Can't keep us all Blind), let us see

Glossed eyes viewin times when I was poor and distressed
Finances in tact (so now), I'm Unfoldin da stretch
(Rubber band off tha Fiat), Crypto Unfolding from debt
Debts paid so nowadays I miss Owen like Brett (hah)

Right beyond tha world of Dreams
(Submerge into subconscious), tha process is tha mystery
(But Tap into tha means) That'll help you see tha Elloheim
And They believe LSD is all ya really need
(Deceived) From Predecessed to tha Predeceed

Still sleepin whit Sophia
Impressed upon my thoughts, so anywhere I look I see ua
(In a daze from her speech), mental roamin makin time pass
Admiration of the light, see tha spectrums in her wine glass

From Predecessed to tha Predeceed
Plan to Live forever but for tha fam I'll predeceased
GodElixir Do tha most and that's da say tha least
Up whit tha goal, up souls when we speak our peace
I love all and in ALL is where I steak my reach (Peace)
Predecessed to tha Predeceed

Ray beams of tha Light mixed
Whit Gray sceenes from my Lifes List
Distant memories may seem like my lifes gift
Nightmares day dreamin on tha night shift (From Predecessed to tha Predeceed)

From Predecessed to tha Predeceed
Spirit knows no bounds like I set it free
Explorin different realms of consciousness (see tha truth), connect tha scenes
Inturn what I learn there I stretch to ye (I stretch to ye)

I Spawn from tha Embers
Phoenix take flight, Heart'a Gold in tha Center
Reflection of that time I was goin thru Winter
Reflection, out my mind, but it ain' gone, I remember (it ain gone, I remember)

Return to it da send ya
Reflections out my mind, then return it da Sender (Reflection; Cosmic)
It's shown in tha pictures
Reflection's all Mental, so I'm tourin tha fixtures (Mental Cascade)

And you in tha mixture
Dis-eased by ya presence, I spawn the Elixir (I'ma God)
I wasn't birthed, I was sent da
Raise up tha Dead and lay waste tha pretenders (From Predecessed to tha Predeceed)

Lay waste whit tha scriptures
Of Lost Books and Ancient Wisdom if triple 6 your insignia
Lay waste if ya enter
My world with the intent da
Deface and dismember (Get rid of um)

I'm reraisin tha inner (Re-raisin' tha Inner)
I'm re-raisin' tha mirror (Re-raisin' tha mirror)
Erasin tha sick da
Make room, forgive tha change (But uh), I need tha space ta continya (GodMoore the Elixir)

I'm Warpin' Space-Time, whit Time-Space (Time-Space)
Retrievin truth from Great Minds (Minds), Mine Great (Mine Great)
Proceed beyond tha safe line, since my line safe
Silver cord straight lined (Straight lined), so I'm aligned straight (I'm aligned straight)

From tha tomb to where tha sinners be
To tha womb, those who enter leave
Temple growth, Physi makin room for tha inner me
Vessel from tha moon, backside focused on tha centerpiece

Seen places I wish I'd never leave
(Occupant of multirealms)
Tha transitions kept it interesting
(Sight fixed on tha eclipse), so fortunate ain' blind yet
(You too can see the Truth), just have da change tha Mindset*

(From Predecessed to tha Predeceed)
Truth will set you free if you let Freedom Ring (Let freedom ring)
Tha Sublime from my time line grew
And every since my sublime mind begattin timeline truth

New life so tha Timelines new
(But can focus in on past lives) If I give tha time lines view
Subconscious made conscious by My minds IQ
Middle Pillar dual perception (Focus) Mines times 2 (From Predecessed to tha Predeceed)

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