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“GENOCIDE (PT. 3)” Lyrics

“GENOCIDE (PT. 3)” Lyrics

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What goes around, comes around
Goes around, goes around, goes around, goes around, E
What goes around, goes around, goes around, goes around, uh
Spider gang shit (Uh, Spider gang shit)
Goes around uh, what you what (Goes around, goes around, goes around)
(Yeah, Karma)

Don’t be afraid, step right up, step right up
Take your turn at the legendary wheel of karma
But remember that what goes around
Comes back around, goes back around to you (Yuh)

What goes around, comes around
Goes around, comes around, goes around, come back to you, uh
My momma told me that was true, people remember like elephants do
People forget all the elements too
Livin’ and breathin’, succeedin’ at music
At leadin’ the crew with a passion these niggas ain’t move
‘Cause they crashin’ and talent they rationin’
I’ll get a bat, I might bash him in
Grippin’ a blade and I’m slashin’ him, happen to you
I pull up on ’em, no maskin’, I’m smokin’ that dope up in Lassen
With Drain The Swamp blastin’, I’m cool
I’m on the beach up in Tahoe, packin’ that THC inside a raw cone
I’ll be happy when it’s all gone, Mary Jane answer whenever she called on
I had to fall down, I’m smokin’ too much
Fold up a post-it, I’m chiefin’ a blue crutch
I do not do Dutch, I don’t do backwoods
Grab a leaf, only tobacco that smack good
I fucked that, I fucked that bitch in the Safeway
7am and I’m havin’ a great day, uh
I’m puttin’ on weight like I’m Tay-K
Anime rapper, you sound like a Beyblade
Anime rapper, you hard or you not though?
Sip on yo’ Wok and the bars that you pop
Oh, you keep a Glock on yo’ lap and it cocked
Or you grip yo’ cock and you fap while you stalk hoes?
Niggas walk around in dark clothes
Bitch, I’m smokin’ at the park, O’s
Askin’ questions like a narc, no, why you sittin’ at the start? Go


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