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G Bae Bae – Let You Down Lyrics

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G Bae Bae – Let You Down Lyrics

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G Bae Bae

Let you down
Let you down
For the last time
Its not you
Better now 
Better now
Than the last time
I saw you

Theres not single a day that goes by
That I dont think about my old life
But since ya left nothing goes right
I barely sleep, aint been eating
And baby I think of you the whole night

I was your prince, you was my snow white
I got your kiss, you got dem woke eyes
Only saw the evil in dis world
Would tell ya baby dont cry
Dont worry bout dem people you my girl
Everything gon' be alright
We just gotta grow right?
Get down to the root of it?
We just gotta hold tight
We just gotta know why
We really doing this
Nobody else
Just the two of us

Nobody else
Nobody else

Through and through, I stayed true to dis
Through and through. you made due with it
But baby we was due on rent
All and all situation got too intense
Losing the apartment
Your car, my job
The security deposit
I knew the risk
Without caution your mood would flip
You'd always fault me for my foolishness
Was a fool for you and you knew it bitch
Not talking 'bout no rapper when
I say you was acting ludicrous
Used to be my boo and shit
I know somehow I ruined it

I know that now
I knew it then...

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