“Freestyle” Lyrics

“Freestyle” Lyrics

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Pipe that shit up TnT
Yeah, you know, this shit like practice
This just practice

Six million cash in my stash, I was waitin’ for this day to come
I’m on my tour bus right now, on my way to another one
Who got that brand new Bentley truck? I’m tryna order one
Soon as I get me one, I’ma rim it up, and tint it up
Tried to tell my momma she don’t gotta work no job
But she the one who taught her baby boy to hustle hard
Said “Don’t you never put your trust in men, believe in God”
Say it’s some shit from way back in the day, that left her scarred
And these niggas love to hate, they rather go blind than see me winnin’
I just did the dash in a Maserati engine (Vroom)
Been all around the world, I met all kind of women
Took me to have my own kid to see it different
Shoutout to all my niggas trappin’, livin’ tax free
These days it’s seven figures when they tax me
I can’t complain, I came straight off the back streets
Can’t explain how I feel, I’m just happy I’m here
Okay, hard to tell a nigga not to shine (Shine)
Yeah, when all he know was hard times
Super futuristic coupe, 2025
Engine came in the trunk, the only reason he’s alive
And I got it out the mud
I always knew this day would come, yeah
They don’t know nothin’ ’bout where we was (What else?)
Finally ran it up
Ran it up, yeah (Yeah)
Ran it up, yeah

Look, look
Ran it up, woah, woah, yeah
Ran it up, ran it up, ran it up
(Ran it up, ran it up, ran it up)
(Ran it up, ran it up, ran it up)


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