FOUR-1 – Chilly Willy Lyrics

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FOUR-1 – Chilly Willy Lyrics

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Welcome to the show
Here we go
Everything just seems so cold
Ice, in my veins
Lack of flames
I can't see my own goals
When I'm chilled to the bone
Shatter like glass
You'll not pass
Drop the gloves lets dance
You think you can talk
You can't even walk
I was born in the Ice, COLD
Welcome to the show
Snow patrol
Forty-one degrees below
Freeze, you've been caught
Take the shot
Why can't you realize
Don't you close your damn eyes
Frozen struck dream
Pushing steam
Melting face solo scene
Frosted soul raging cold
Set your path don't be told
Changing your mind
All the time
Find your place in life

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