Fivio Foreign – Self Made Lyrics

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Fivio Foreign – Self Made Lyrics

Fivio Foreign

(Yoz, what you tellin' me?) Bitch-ass niggas
Pay attention to what's goin' on, nigga
This shit happenin' right in front of your face, nigga (AXL)
Legendary shit, nigga
Look (uh)

They sayin' they made me (they sayin' they made me)
Huh, make another one (uh)
I had to take my spot (uh)
And I'll take another one (yeah)
They couldn't break my mother's son 
(Uh, they couldn't break my mother's son) Huh, yeah
You runnin' the race, you never won (you runnin' the race, you never)
Look, uh, I was just hated (just hated) and degraded (uh)
Now they see a nigga made it, uh (I am)
Now they sayin' I'm their favorite, look, huh (I am)
I gotta watch the snakes, huh
I see the lies inside they face, huh
Niggas is fake, bitches'll die to drive the Wraith (skrrt)
Yeah (yeah), but look all the time it takes, uh
It wasn't easy (nah), but the ground was great (yeah)
Nigga, I loved it (nigga, I loved it)
They hate me in private but love me in public (they do)
I can just tell, I know I ain't buggin', look huh (I know I ain't buggin')
They treat you real nice for a like (they treat you real nice for a like), huh
What I mean, what I say, I say it twice, look, huh (yeah)
I just wanna know who's who (uh)
I give them the word, they'll shoot you (boaw)
Then say my name in your song (what?)
So you can get litty on youTube (nigga, huh, pussy)
Don't give a f*ck 'bout you and your two views (nigga)
Pussy, we don't give a f*ck 'bout you and your two views, huh (ah)
Uh (yeah), you gotta do more, huh (you gotta do more)
And gang don't need a deal (nah)
They gettin' rich off of TuneCore (uh)
I'm 'bout to buy me a new Porsche (skrrt)
I'm with a bitch gettin' blewed off
I taste good, I'm too sauced (uh)
They tried to squash it through a group call (pussy)
You get no love from me (nah)
Huh, you a dub for me (nah)
You mention Fivi every song
Nigga (nigga), your bars from me
I hope a lot of niggas get sanctioned (uh)
Made a lot of niggas turn Crip (uh)
You sayin' you ain't my son (uh)
Then you lyin' on my dick (boaw)
I know a secret, he really a bitch
I know a secret, he really a bitch (look, huh)
Nigga (nigga), I put you in the mix (I put you in the mix)
Uh (uh)

Yeah (yeah, yeah)
Let me tell you somethin' (let me tell you somethin', nigga)
Watch out for them niggas
That's always pointin' out the bad shit
'Cause they lookin' out for you
Niggas ain't lookin' out for you
Them niggas that feel like 
You obligated to do somethin' for them
You ain't obligated to do nothin' for nobody, nigga
F*ck them niggas, uh

No cap

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