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Euane – Return to Sender Lyrics

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Euane – Return to Sender Lyrics

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I wasn't impressed with the send
He said it's deep - but it's dead
Said he's gonna start up a trend 
Embarrassed himself in the end 
Time to return his send

Blabbering about Shauna, that's lazy
Claiming I got rejected, you what? 
Are you crazy

I Spent 15, you spent 500, on Fifa Points though
Said I begged her every night
I don't think so
Get the flare pants on my bro, I wanna know why
You keep it on the down low
(Can you dance like Michael Jack...son)

Why you obsessed with yourself 
Your lock screen was your yourself
Get a reality check on that attitude
Cos a school girl can't send you
Nah I'm not gonna say that but someone has a question for you

Hey, Hey Baby
Ooh Ahh
I wanna know
Shauna: Will you be my girl

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