“Elise” Lyrics

“Elise” Lyrics

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I couldn’t count every freckle
I couldn’t count every line
You’ve rolled your eyes over at me for

In a parking lot light
With a stripped smile
You’re making that look
Like it’s funny that you’re causing me trouble

In a back car seat
Reminding me
That even in a wreck
I’ve got someone for holding

I’m losing sleep
Oh, how could I ever
Close my eyes when your brown
And good days green are right next to me?

I’m losing my mind
I swore it wouldn’t happen this time
But if love makes you stupid
You’re making me the biggest fool you’ll ever find

So make me yours
From this day forward
And I’ll grow to be somebody you deserve
With promises for all they’re worth

I’ll remember every word
And every silly little quirk
The way you bite your lip
Pretending you’re innocent

And all of it spent
In a blanket fort of secrets
Oh, you make me a child
In love with the world through your lens

And all of it spent
In the sheets you kick
To the end of the bed
I make every morning
With your side a bit of a mess

‘Cause that’s how you like it
And I really like you
Oh, I love you to death


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