doggybleach – crystal mind Lyrics

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doggybleach – crystal mind Lyrics

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Grabbing all my reckless deeds and burning them to dust
I know it's hard to believe I wanna feel something right
It's my own time, it's my own eyes, my sacred place, my only life
And when I do
I won't ever need a showtime
No more bathroom stalls or dark lines
Oh yes i know it won't be so bright
But I can't wait to have a crystal mind
I won't forget to prepare for the wreckage
To save myself is to be blinded by a million lights
I still know I won't break, even if my soul aches
And when it burns, I'll still come back again
I won't ever need a showtime
No more secret walks or quick rides
But I should grow into the things used to fear
So I can finally get my crystal mind

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