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Digs – HELL of a Year Lyrics

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Digs – HELL of a Year Lyrics


Vulnerable through these smiles
Strength in these tears
A whole different purpose been HELL of year
You survived through the stories that were untold
And Your perseverance saved atleast one soul

Physically remorseful and spiritually immortal
The state of this dunya was well wishing on a portal
Hierarchy awful reluctance at your
Try not to generalise to give you your dues
Frontliners this fucking virus the wrong timing, increase the florals
A generation wiped out how we supposed to be cordial
They only know economics we the people morals
All this static distort you, all damage it taught you
Its god's plan in a manor no matter your fortunes
Before March, before we faught hard
Before we turning these corners like Coulthard

Mind racing in confinement
There's faith in my environment
Many phases changes many breaks in all your silence
No repayed faith in these tyrants
How do we tell our minors how they're making their diamonds
Prayers for every siren

My heart goes to everyone that questioned their existence
Either lost a loved one or loved ones were distant
Lost your livelihood or maybe Lost your income
Many scenarios tryna' be united in this kingdom

I know you went through your toughest moments alone
You Wont hear these emotions over the phone
In the middle of create and destroy
Keep your head up, keep searching for comfort, a home
Can reside in anyone and anything
For you whatever feel right
Many months barely seeing anyone and on brink
It just don't sit right

We Back where we started, emergency services overwhelmed
Forget the festivities our only concern was your health
We all giving thanks at the table for conserving themselves
Some weren't as fortunate empty seats their version of hell
In the need of answers the same feeling of remand
Mental health services increasing in demand
Deeping the facade to regain our sanity
Can't act like pandemic was the only tragedy
We had BLM, the crisis in Yemen, the blast in Beirut
Rest up Connery and Maradona,  Boseman to name a few
Leave me along G, still processing Gigi and Kobe

Vulnerable through these smiles
Strength in these tear
A whole different purpose been HELL of year
You survived through the stories that were untold
And your perseverance saved atleast one soul

Misfortunes allowed you to grow exponentially
The artist in you worked on the contemporary
Feeling sernity when I know it's revenge you seek
Knowing the fuckeries will make it to home eventually
No wonder lately my thoughts been overseas
Punjab and it's agriculture at Modi's feet
How dare you bite the hand that feeds, you prayers for Kisaan
How's that the motherland when it's Hindustan
Land of our gurus, land of our forefathers
We back where it started what made them all martyrs
India was designed this way
When most of congress are criminals dropped of all charges
Suicide rates increasing, more family breaking during the harvest season
They Starving we eating helpless from the west 
But these rally's for you, our part for your freedom

Media blackouts remove the hashtags so we lash
Millions protesting get the facts out
The revolution will be televised as long as it takes us
All for the farmers mass producing for your taste buds

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